winter hibernation

i got nuthin’.

crafting attempts have been few.  and they’ve been flops.     

the upper left corner is all tangled up.

i experimented using regular thread to embroider with.  three strands of regular neon pink thread.  it didn’t cooperate with me.  this tree is one little element of a grander scheme i envisioned in my head.  the vision became frustration unfortunately.  (i did make one successful ornament for a buddy of mine, but it’s for christmas, so no photo spoiler.)   

not thrifting much, either. 

big find of the week

that’s about the extent of it.

no good movies in the theaters.   i don’t get it.  i thought this was supposed to be good movie season.  hurry up good movies.   

i haven’t even broken out the christmas decor from the dungeon basement.  i’m in an uninspired slump.

i think it was one of those weeks where stuff started breaking down all around me, one thing after the other after the other after the other.  i said, “what the?” and “really?”  a LOT.  and also, “you gotta be kiddin’ me.”  i’ve remedied most of the broken down things because i’m resourceful like that, but man, some stuff just sucks up a ton of my time.  last on my to-do list is replacing my kitchen ceiling light bulbs.  i bought fluorescent light bulbs for my burnt out kitchen ceiling light fixture, got them installed (without a ladder mind you, don’t ask, it’s an accident without health insurance waiting to happen) and they DON’T WORK.  nit-picky aggravating crap like that.  back to the store i go.  sure, i could call the landlord but i don’t want to be that tenant that calls for a burnt out light bulb.  but i may have to be…

i’ll rally.  just give me a minute or two.


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