xmas smell

sometimes it only takes one small thing to get me in a festive mood.   i call it hot mulled wine.  on my way to the bank i veered off course and visited a christmas tree farm looking to buy some boughs, some fresh tree branches to scatter on top of my cupboards and living room hutch.  i don’t have room in my small apartment for a big tree, but oh how i love the smell of fresh tree.  i suppose everyone loves that smell, right?   it is fact.  tree smell is heavenly.  and quite frankly, i’ve kinda forgotten about tree smell.  i’ve been lacking in fresh greens/fresh trees for about a decade.  a decade?  can it be?  oh, that ain’t right. 

the christmas tree farm dudes were so nice – they said i could gather up as many random tree branches from the fields as i wanted.  for free!  is this common practice?  i don’t know.  but i was thrilled.  i gathered up a big armful, threw ’em in the car and drove around with fresh christmas tree smell all afternoon.

not quite as compact and convenient as those air fresheners that hang from the rearview mirror, but way better smelling. 

also putting me in a festive mood:



and quite possibly, from the looks of that mouth, blowjobs.


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