xmas hutch

make your own merry christmas.

and make it cheap.

i decorated my hutch top again this year.  did not set up the xmas ‘hood village as i did last year.  like i said, this year i’m channeling nature, sort of.  wood, pinecones, feathers, fresh boughs, rafia lights.  i just used a bunch of (mostly) thrifted stuff you’ve already seen before, but when you throw in those boughs and lights, suddenly it becomes christmas-y.

way too cluttered or richly layered and interesting?

obviously layered and interesting.

i didn’t spend a dime. 

if you’re thinking, “well, that’s obvious,” stop that right now. 

owl candleholder.  it’s pretty tacky looking, but serves my nature theme.


some red and green danish candlesticks,  an original winter scene painting, and my brass squirrel bell.

there’s that mini quilt i finished earlier this year that was supposed to be last year’s decor, but i hadn’t finished it yet.  turns out i still like it (i’ve been known to change my mind all too often,) and so it made the cut this year.   


more nature.  fresh pheasant feathers given to me by a stalker a friend who hunts down innocent birds and kills them dead.  somehow knowing these feathers were plucked from a pheasant whose brains were just blown out sucks some of the joy right out of the holiday decor.  

how’s that for a nice happy christmas visual?

the pinocchio yo-yo makes a repeat appearance.


it looks cozy at night.

and the lighting does wonders for my complexion.  or so i think.


4 Comments on “xmas hutch”

  1. kim says:

    It’s perfect. Love the wood reindeer. and the candleholders. and the paintbrushes. and the feathers in the ceramic bottle. and the village painting . . .

    • fries in a cone says:

      wait, you don’t like the mini quilt?
      yes, thanks, i like the way it spruces (get it?) things up.

      • kim says:

        I love all of it. I love fat jesus and don draper (i still haven’t been able to figure out when and where american pickers is on but I know once I see it, I’ll be addicted) – your handiwork is amazing. i didn’t know what to call that “mini quilt” or it would have been first on my list. it’s so very orla kiely but in a more original kind of way. You’re quite talented!!

      • fries in a cone says:

        your favorable comments are the perfect christmas gift, since you are not related to me and therefore not obligated to say nice things (even tho i goaded you into a mini quilt compliment). ho ho ho and thanks again!

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