it’s officially winter.

while it’s been cold here, we haven’t gotten any snow accumulation, although there were some cute little flurries this morning.  last year at this time i was digging out of a blizzard.  i’m thankful this year for zero shoveling duties since i’ve been dealing with a bum shoulder.    (guarantee i just jinxed myself.)

i went outdoors early this morning and took a photo of a little cork ornament i made last night after seeing this tutorial here

a cork christmas tree ornament!

as you can see, i’ve been very busy drinking wine. 

very busy.

no, of course i haven’t.

(maybe a little.)   

i went into the dungeon to drag out old crafting supplies and i happened to have a bag of corks. and a box of colored wire.  i think at one point i had visions of making a headboard out of corks.  or was it a raft?  as so often happens in my craft world, none of those projects came to life (which is probably a good thing.) 

i’m signing off now ’til the new year (or maybe the new season???).  i’m getting bored with myself.  i think i’ve thrifted every possible thing i can thrift (save for one particular chair i’m always on the lookout for.)   

leather sling/safari chair

(i think i swiped this photo from an ebay listing.)

and since i don’t own that house i anticipated owning by now, i’m not busy repainting or decorating and showing off,  and therefore i’m running out of stuff to say.  and let’s face it – now’s the time for me to get a job.  i need traveling money.  i’m itching to get out of town again and explore a new place.  the inside walls of my apartment are getting dull and i’m getting dull.  so i need money and i need a job to travel and make myself more interesting.      

so – have yourself a merry little winter.  maybe i’ll catch you on the equinox.

2 Comments on “solstice”

  1. Linda says:

    I’ll miss your wicked sense of humor! Try to stay warm. xoxo Linda

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