yet another house

there is FINALLY a new episode of house on this evening (it feels like they’ve been on summer hiatus, it’s been months!) and with that, i segway into – here’s a new house i think i would like to buy. 

i mean, if ever a house were custom-built for moi, this would be it.  fits my criteria of 2 baths, non-vinyl siding and not in a ghetto.  has a woodstove hook-up, which also meets my need for fire of some sort. 

the downstairs is wide open, all unfinished.  kinda like an artist’s studio.  an artist must’ve lived here. 


those floors have radiant heat.

how perfect would it be to set up a massage area along with craft central studio extraordinaire??

or maybe do this:

via emma’s design blogg

or this:

via desire to inspire

because that wouldn’t be too expensive to accomplish at all.


the upstairs is a one bedroom apartment. 

in my mind i picture this:

via habitually chic

there’s that elusive safari chair i don’t own yet. 

have i even seen this house in person yet?  heck no.  i’m just dreaming out loud. 

i say take a risk for once in your life and just buy the stupid thing.  it’s got potential waiting for someone like me to potential the hell out of it.  and the price just dropped by $20K which officially falls into the category of house i can afford (when i had a job.)  i’ll just get 2 dumb jobs to re-qualify and then buy this and make all my dreams come true and live out in the wilderness away from the noise noise noise and make friends with the birds and squirrels and live happily ever after tending to my land, growing my own garden and chopping my own wood and crafting my brains out and massaging the occasional client here and there and maybe learn that new stenographer/closed captioning skill by training at home.  perhaps not everyone’s idea of dreamy, but it’s exactly how i want to live.  the end.

totally doable.

but by the time i get off my butt and get 2 dumb jobs and pack up my crap, guarantee it’ll be gone.  i can talk myself out of anything.


One Comment on “yet another house”

  1. kelly says:

    Why don’t you make an offer on it? Couldn’t hurt.

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