yes, christmas is long over, but i was in goodwill the other day and i spotted this handmade manger christmas ornament and i about died. i will never remember to post about this next holiday season, so i’ll post about it now.

i love it. it’s so clever and quite modern.

the best part –  baby jesus is a black-eyed pea! 

and mary and joseph are beans with black-eyed pea heads!

tuck this away in your DIY holiday project folder for future use.

who knew such excellence could be achieved with toothpicks and beans?

just genius.


3 Comments on “creche”

  1. Linda says:

    Adorable! I wish I had such a creative mind. People always tell me, “oh, you’re so talented”, but I’m not. I just follow directions really well……….lol.

    Hope you are keeping warm!

    xoxo Linda

    • fries in a cone says:

      honestly, my thoughts exactly. how do people come UP with these ideas? i would never in a million years think to come up with a dried bean jesus in a toothpick manger.

      warm? ha. good one.

  2. Merari says:

    Beautiful and otiginal❤❤❤❤

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