this is my go-to vintage glass for the month of january. 

white with gold snowflakes.

only it ain’t snowing gold in these parts.

if only.

every friggin’ day, man. 

shoveling my cars out has become part of the daily routine.

it’s times like these a husband with a snowblower would come in handy.

that, or a timeshare in cabo.


2 Comments on “snowflakes”

  1. erika says:

    I had fried gator tail (“gator bites”) in a cone today and I thought of you. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy since we’ve never met. It wasn’t, I just thought you would approve – unless you are against eating gator, in which case, I didn’t know, and I should have kept my comments to myself.

    • fries in a cone says:

      i totally and completely approve!
      for me, it’s all in the presentation. and somehow anything served in a cone (or on a stick) or in a fancy vintage glass makes everything all the more special.
      (not to mention i love when people think of me. and think of me fondly.) gator tail in a cone – who knew such a thing existed??

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