mini quilt

lemme guess.

another mini quilt, another bear?

yes, indeed.

it’s still winter and i’m still hibernating and hibernating = bears. 

used some of that hand stamped fabric i hand stamped several years ago.  i had intentions of making a pillow back then, but sometimes the urge hits you to make a bear mini quilt and you just have to go with that urge.    

i’m also experimenting with not having perfect little stitches and that is a HARD thing to do.  when i browse the web and look at other people’s work, the quilts that catch my eye  are the messier, less-than-perfect quilts.  i can’t figure out what makes something look “artsy” vs. what makes something look like it was done by someone who has no clue how to use a needle and thread, and therefore amateurish.  is it a combo of good stitches and messy stitches?  good and messy is what i tried here.


this one’s smaller than the ones i’ve been making recently.  8″ x 10-1/2″.

(this is another example of using a photo of a bear as a template, although it kind of resembles a man in bear suit.  and that makes me laugh.)

also – if you’re asking yourself, “is there any difference between a mini quilt and a potholder,” well, i cannot answer that.

valentine’s day

i forget what this holiday is all about. 

someone refresh me.

five years ago (2006) i crafted some skivvies for some store in the northwest – was it portland, oregon?  seattle?  it may have been california for all i know.  i can’t remember.  apparently the store was displaying handcrafted valentine’s underwear, i think (?), and they were taking submissions from anyone.  man, that sounds dumb.  i could have this story all wrong – just go with it and play along.  anyway, i crafted up some store bought underwear with fabric paint and beads and sequins, threw ’em in an envelope and mailed ’em off with a little valentine ornament i stitched up as well. 

i never heard anything back from the store (they were probably chucked right in the garbage can upon arrival.)

anyway, it’s the only valentine related thingie i can think to post.  (and excuse the quality of pics…they were taken with a crap camera that came with the printer i bought back-in-the-day.) 


ahhhh, the cigarette smoking heart.  classy.  (on a serious note, i do recall my friend’s dad had just suffered a stroke from a life-long cigarette smoking habit, which led me to name these underwear “stroke me.”  again – classy.)

in other handcrafted news, i made another mini quilt – that’s TWO mini quilts started and finished in the year 2011.  can you stand it?  it’s another bear-themed quilt.  i’m channeling hibernation.   

i don’t love it and i kept waiting for it to grow on me. 

it never did.

i decided to finish it up just to finish it up and be done with it.  more winter, hibernating decor (it’s 9″ x 19″):

without a frame –

and in another setting, in a frame: