baby quilt

will ya look at that?

i finished the baby quilt i started in september.

it’s all washed and dried and crinkly and it didn’t fall apart after it came out of the dryer and i kinda love it.  nothin’ fancy, no fancy quilting.  (i saw a modern, minimal baby quilt on flickr i admired, decided to make something similar and just kinda winged it using boy colored fabrics.)

my first ever (!) finished quilt to be used by a human, albeit a little bitty human.

a little quilt to be used by a little human to puke on, pee on and poop on.

oh it warms my heart so.


the back is all white with one little square of vintage fabric.  i had to use some vintage fabric.  the antlered buck struck me as very masculine and therefore appropriate. 

the white, however, is a tad impractical.  what do i know?  i’m not a mom. 

this is definitely more like it, more my speed.  six months from start to finish.  this timeline feels just about right – as a matter of fact,  i prefer it – it keeps me from getting sick of the project i’m working on.  yes – the gal is back who starts a project in one year and finishes it the following year.


thank gawd it’s spring. 

dare i say we’re out of snowstorm danger for the long haul?  my shovel has been packed away. 

“snow showers” are in the forecast three times in the 10-day.  what?

all things bear-related are packed away.

and have been replaced with items of color and happiness and joy joy joy.


and with spring comes the sounds of spring. 

birds chirping.

and the neighbor putting on a new roof. 

bang. bang. bang.

all. day. long.

we wait and we wait and we wait for the warmer temperatures and somehow you never anticipate the ol’ roof replacement.  ahhhhh, what can you do?  applaud their home improvement efforts and then pour a drink. 

i thought i’d be refreshed and renewed and ready to blog again after a nice winter break, but that didn’t happen.  my well is dry.  bone dry.  i’m kinda bored with everything.  bored with crafts, bored with decor, bored with movies, bored with thrifting, bored.  everything is starting to look and sound the same to me everywhere i turn.  and yes, i’m familiar with the phrase when you’re bored, you’re boring.  i won’t deny this.  i’m kinda boring.  not as boring as some people i know, but not as riveting, either.

things i’ve changed over the past few months:

1.  i’m off shampoo and conditioner.  i use the baking soda/apple cider vinegar routine every other day.  google it.  there’s tons of info on the web.  sure, i smell like a salad, but no-one gets close enough to me these days to notice.  one incident worth noting – a slightly embarrassing moment came when a waiter asked if i’d like some fresh ground pepper on my head. 

2.  speaking of hair – i have jumped on the ombre hair trend.  or bronde, if you will.  dark hair at the roots gradually fading into blonde ends.  there is a delicate balance from looking like this:

to looking like this:

after finding myself creeping into mug-shot chic territory, i plunged headfirst into a DIY version of ombre hair (with darn good results) following these instructions here, making me look less like the “glamour don’t” example directly above.

3.  i start the day with a cup of hot water, rather than coffee.  i saw it on dr. oz.  i still drink a couple cups of coffee after that, but i have cut back on my coffee consumption.  i almost like it better than the coffee.   i also enjoy a cup of hot water in the afternoon.  this certainly katapults me into old fartdom.

4.  i’ve gone vegan – no eggs, no fish (to go along with my no wheat, no dairy, no corn food allergies diet).  it’s just an accidental experiment – my grocery store was not stocking the local farmer’s eggs for a couple weeks and i gave up.  i can’t say i won’t return to these sources of protein in the future, but for now it’s rice, beans, veggies, fruits and nuts.  and tequila.  you’d drink too if you had to live on my diet.

pink grapefruit margarita

5.  i became obsessed with californication.  yes, i know i’m SO LATE, seasons late, years late to the party on this one, but it’s one of the only things that has grabbed my attention and held it for any length of time.  there is an eerie familiarity to the story line – i  feel like i’m watching a quasi-ish version of my past life.  quasi-ISH the charismatic boyfriend, the beautiful long-term girlfriend (that’s me, btw, natch), the cheating, the drugs, the booze, the break-ups, the get-back-togethers, the break-ups again….anyway, i’ve been in a californication coma trance fog watching seasons 1 – 3 in these last weeks of winter.  it’s been awesome.

david duchovny and natascha mcelhone from californication

and so with that, the blog goes on another hiatus ’til something earth-shattering happens.  this non-shampooing, hot water drinking, netflix addict vegan has nothing to write about.

oh, except for this pair of cool-as-hell wooden vintage swedish lamps i found via ebay.  they remind my sister of an egyptian wedding cake (?) and yes, they do have a wedding cake/christmas tree feel to them, but they also put off an amazing cozy glow and i ask you, who in the world doesn’t appreciate a good cozy swedish glow?

i haven’t found a permanent place in my apartment for them yet, one stays on the kitchen counter for now and the other i drag around with me from room to room to create ambiance.   sitting on my ass ambiance.

bear with me

it’s true.

another bear mini quilt.

the last bear mini quilt.

11″ x 11″.

i suppose technically there’s still time to make another wall hanging with a bear on it in these last couple weeks of winter, but i won’t.  i’ll spare you. 

i had a few random pieces of linen scraps left over, and so as not to waste, i stitched them together and made my final bear mini quilt in the final days of this long-ass winter.   

bear obsession is officially over.  onto spring-like colors and themes. 

but please, if perchance my next post features a bear-drinking-a-margarita-in-an-april-shower-with-crocuses-and-tulips-in-full-bloom mini quilt, send in a therapist, will ya?