bear with me

it’s true.

another bear mini quilt.

the last bear mini quilt.

11″ x 11″.

i suppose technically there’s still time to make another wall hanging with a bear on it in these last couple weeks of winter, but i won’t.  i’ll spare you. 

i had a few random pieces of linen scraps left over, and so as not to waste, i stitched them together and made my final bear mini quilt in the final days of this long-ass winter.   

bear obsession is officially over.  onto spring-like colors and themes. 

but please, if perchance my next post features a bear-drinking-a-margarita-in-an-april-shower-with-crocuses-and-tulips-in-full-bloom mini quilt, send in a therapist, will ya?


3 Comments on “bear with me”

  1. erika says:

    Well, one things for sure, in 2011 you have really kicked that old habit of starting something and finishing it the following year. I don’t want to jinx you or anything, but it’s clear that when you find something that really motivates you like hibernating from the cold, you jump in with gusto. Maybe all of those mini quilts will someday become a big quilt for you to actually hibernate under. Who knows!

  2. Bill says:

    Hey Kim, I know what your problem is…you’ve been using a left handed shovel to get rid of the snow all winter!…my advice…get rid of all left handed brooms, rakes, tooth brushes! yoy’re beginning to think like a californian! LOL, Bill

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