baby quilt

will ya look at that?

i finished the baby quilt i started in september.

it’s all washed and dried and crinkly and it didn’t fall apart after it came out of the dryer and i kinda love it.  nothin’ fancy, no fancy quilting.  (i saw a modern, minimal baby quilt on flickr i admired, decided to make something similar and just kinda winged it using boy colored fabrics.)

my first ever (!) finished quilt to be used by a human, albeit a little bitty human.

a little quilt to be used by a little human to puke on, pee on and poop on.

oh it warms my heart so.


the back is all white with one little square of vintage fabric.  i had to use some vintage fabric.  the antlered buck struck me as very masculine and therefore appropriate. 

the white, however, is a tad impractical.  what do i know?  i’m not a mom. 

this is definitely more like it, more my speed.  six months from start to finish.  this timeline feels just about right – as a matter of fact,  i prefer it – it keeps me from getting sick of the project i’m working on.  yes – the gal is back who starts a project in one year and finishes it the following year.


4 Comments on “baby quilt”

  1. kelly says:

    That quilt is AWESOME. LOVE it! I think it’s your best so far.

  2. Betsy Beatty says:

    love the crib quilt-Can I buy it?

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