not a larson

i’m digging into thrifting history for this post because i have nothing new to say.

as you may or may not know, i’m no cat person.  i don’t like them.

at all.

and yet, cat-stuff finds its way into my life.  (you recall the bitossi cat which i loathed at the time, but now just makes me laugh.)

bitossi cat

years ago while absorbing all things mid-century modern, danish modern, vintage scandinavian, etc.  i remember briefly seeing a lisa larson lion in my internet clicking: (lions i like, i’m a leo.)

lisa larson lion

which led me to scroll through more of her works, which are awesome.  and expensive.  out of my price range.

but again, i was in a learning phase and familiarizing myself with desirable works of art from the past and things were not tattooed in my brain back then.

lisa larson cat

so off i go to a thrift store and i could not believe my eyes when i spotted this cat:

did i have a larson on my hands?

now, i knew something weren’t quite right.

what were those holes?

and why the plastic at the bottom?

for 50¢ i figured i had to buy it.

was it an incense holder?

what did i have here?

despite similarities, obviously it wasn’t an authentic larson.   i threw it in a box and forgot about it.  thrift fail.

only recently i spotted a couple of these cats posted on flickr, which cracked me up.

it’s a chia pet.

i gotta get busy growing my chia garden for spring.  not to mention, chia seeds are LOADED with health bennies.  chia pets, chia seeds.  all good.  even when it’s a knockoff larson.

more random thrifting

after what was looking to be a bust of a day thrifting, i found this vintage (introduced in 1959) paul mccobb platter.  it’s white, it’s modern, i’ll take it. 

sure, what i wouldn’t give to find some paul mccobb furniture, but seeing this platter after countless lackluster days of thrifting was like solid gold for me.  


then i found 3 vintage pale celery green pyrex storage containers.  since i don’t store any food in plastic containers cuz it’ll kill you dead, i love coming across small pyrex pieces with glass lids for leftovers. these are 4″ in diameter and this color is new for me.

look how i have strategically placed them next to my already owned made-in-denmark iron candleholders with pale celery green candles.  i have created a celery green theme here for you. 

the final item i picked up is a vintage wooden mirrored compact that looks to be scandinavian in design.  would you say it’s scandinavian?  i would. it’s 3″ x 3″ and i just love the handpainting. 

the mirror is beat up (well, the whole thing is beat up), but i don’t plan on looking in the mirror.  i’ll just use this as random clutter decor around the house.

so that’s that. 

this is a close-up of a vintage children’s book i’ve owned for years.  the vegetable book.

corn on the mccobb.

lily leaf

i poked around in goodwill the other night and brought home some pretty sad, beat-to-heck brass candleholders.  they’re made in sweden. 

for the life of me, i can’t figure out the name of the manufacturer and i’ve spent a fair amount of time online sleuthing. 

i don’t think anyone else out there in internet land can figure it out either.  (i’ve seen where a couple people have found items made by the same company and each person used a different letter for the first word.  one used a “K” – i don’t see it, one used a “T”, i had thought originally it was an “S” or maybe an “I”.)  it also seems different companies made this exact same design, ystad-metall being another one i found online.  the brass lily leaf.

anyway, i didn’t have any brass cleaner so i used some grapefruit and lime peels with salt to buff out the tarnish.  (if you’re wondering whether a margarita was involved with said grapefruit and lime peels, well yes, there may have been a margarita involved.  why waste fruit like that?)  i also used worcestershire sauce and some vinegar and some baking soda.  i was a mad scientist slash bartender.  they’re by no means perfect now, but they look good from a distance. 

i like ’em.  i like that they’re a little different from all the wooden danish candleholders i’ve amassed.  i gotta think about unloading some of these…

i’m of the mindset i’ve become too obvious, too clichéd, too theme-y with my decor, so i’m shaking things up around here.  and i’m doing it with more brass.  brass lily leaf candleholders, baby.


in my ongoing attempt to remain current and relevant, i’m trying to add more 70s items into my decor to go along with my boho hobo scandinavian look.  i found a yellow and orange faribo wool blanket at the thrift store yesterday (bed bug free).  it’s groovy with a hint of aztec zig-zag.

she’s hanging out on the couch.

and by she, i mean me.

(and please, don’t get me started on the height of that print hanging above the couch – it bugs the crap out of me.  anytime i see a photo of it, i want to take my finger and magically lower the frame closer to the sofa.  there was one hook left in the wall that i was allowed to hang a piece of art on.  this was my only piece of art that kinda sort of worked.  decorating pet peeve numero uno for me…art hung too high.)


babies love handmade gifts!