more random thrifting

after what was looking to be a bust of a day thrifting, i found this vintage (introduced in 1959) paul mccobb platter.  it’s white, it’s modern, i’ll take it. 

sure, what i wouldn’t give to find some paul mccobb furniture, but seeing this platter after countless lackluster days of thrifting was like solid gold for me.  


then i found 3 vintage pale celery green pyrex storage containers.  since i don’t store any food in plastic containers cuz it’ll kill you dead, i love coming across small pyrex pieces with glass lids for leftovers. these are 4″ in diameter and this color is new for me.

look how i have strategically placed them next to my already owned made-in-denmark iron candleholders with pale celery green candles.  i have created a celery green theme here for you. 

the final item i picked up is a vintage wooden mirrored compact that looks to be scandinavian in design.  would you say it’s scandinavian?  i would. it’s 3″ x 3″ and i just love the handpainting. 

the mirror is beat up (well, the whole thing is beat up), but i don’t plan on looking in the mirror.  i’ll just use this as random clutter decor around the house.

so that’s that. 

this is a close-up of a vintage children’s book i’ve owned for years.  the vegetable book.

corn on the mccobb.


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