royal britain

sick of all things royal?

i’m not.

(as much as i loathed the weeks and weeks and months and months of pre-royal wedding coverage, i actually enjoyed watching the royal wedding itself.  well, most of it, some stuff was snooze-ola.  but that middleton gal – i gotta hand it to her – she was cool as cucumber, not to mention drop-dead stunning.  that face!  and i admire the brits’ attention to punctuality.  i like how everything was timed down to the minute.  impressive.)

so, maps.

over the years i’ve seen vintage maps used as decor and some pictures struck my fancy, but i’ve never felt any sense of urgency to own a big-ass vintage map.  snob that i am (ha) i prefer original works of art.  i guess you could say i was indifferent to maps.  i can take ’em or leave ’em.

here’s one i like:

it’s a simple corner and i love everything about it.  how ’bout that lamp?

actually, this post here has a fantastic assortment of vintage maps decor.

the following monday after the royal wedding i made an impromtpu stop into a thrift store i rarely visit.  it’s a rinky dink thrift store where i normally find rinky dink items like vintage ornaments or cocktail napkins, that kinda thing.  big-ass map was not even on my radar for this store.

never dismiss the rinky dink thrift store.

i am now the proud owner of a big-ass map of royal britain.   apparently it’s circa 1961. 

and here are a few close-up views:

i’m gonna say i like it.  she’s a keeper.  my own little piece of vintage royal history.


2 Comments on “royal britain”

  1. Bill says:

    Kim, speaking for myself, I really like your postings! They show you as a lady with Wit, intelligence and a talent for good taste and a knack for very good entertainment! I wish all of the readers of your blog would tell you just how much they enjoy your postings! PLEASE keep the good stuff up and thanks! Bill

    • fries in a cone says:

      oh, it’s not necessary for people to comment at all. i’m not here to fish for compliments, i just want to document the cool stuff i find and hopefully find like-minded people who relate to a certain thrill of thrifting or a thrill of finishing a craft project. i just found myself with not much more to say and not much more to thrift. like i said, if i can get a house and remodel and decorate, i’ll be back to blogging on a more regular basis.

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