ahhhhh, summer.  my absolute favorite.  summer’s here at last.

oh people, i think i’m pretty much done with the blog thing.   there are only so many posts i can do of “check this out” or “see what i found for $2” and make them funny.  it seems like the whole wide world is thrifting and blogging these days and my little thrift score finds are hardly worth posting about.  and since i barely know how to use a computer or a camera, i can’t make my blog very pretty.  i just can’t keep up with technology on my own.  it’s frustrating.  why oh why didn’t i have a child out of wedlock who would now be able to help me with a computer? ahhh, regrets.

that said, check out some cool things i found recently.

rosenthal coffee pot.  the crystalline edition.

(i left the goodwill tape on for your viewing pleasure.)

do i use a coffee pot ever? does anyone?  seriously.  anyone?  only to stash my millions of dollars in cash.  thieves, take note.

here is one from my modern retro table style book.

(you recall i found a small rosenthal platter a couple years ago in the pattern above.)

next, an arabia finel enamel bowl for $2.

this is a smokin’ find.  friars and maidens throwing back vino and looking a little medieval randy.

sure, a few chips and dings and typical fleabites, but i don’t mind.

awesome screenprint.  (i hate to mention the artist’s name since i found this at goodwill and it’s a shame things like this end up at goodwill.  she’s a local artist who’s still alive.)  anyway, it’s 1/20.  signed.  1974.  needs a new mat.  kinda mod.   suppose it needs a frame as well, but since i can’t really hang things on my apartment walls, a frame isn’t necessary at this point.  this screenprint would take an 18″ x 24″ frame and that is far too heavy for those 3M sticky hook things i’m required to use.

what do you think?  does it kind of have the feel of this fantastic piece of art in this dining room designed by commune?  kind of?  if i turned it sideways?

no?  ok, maybe not.  it’s nothing like it.   but i still like mine.  and i look forward to the day when i can hang it in my imaginary dining room with horizontal wood paneled walls painted white and looking spectacular.  (the dining table looks like mine, wouldn’t ya say?  oval?  teak?  huh?  huh?)

speaking of 3M sticky hooks – whoa.  i was taking a mid-afternoon nap on my couch in a deep coma when a 3M sticky hook used to hang a candle sconce above the couch gave out.  landed next to me in a THUD.  jumped me right outta my skin.  when i think of the possibility of a pointy candle sconce lodging itself right smack dab in my temple, well then, that’s a little frightening.  ya do everything you can to eat right, exercise, wear your seatbelt, wear sunscreen, etc. and then *WABAM* – out of nowhere – death by decor.  the ol’ mid century modern candle sconce to match the starburst wall clock lodged in the temple during a mid-afternoon nap trick.  who can predict those things?

picture this stuck in my brain

crisis averted, though.  phew.  it’s reminicent of the old clue board game, right?  miss kim in the parlor with a candle sconce.

so folks, hopefully the day will come when i’ll be gainfully employed again and be on the house hunt once more.  and so until i own a home, this little two-bit blog is going dark.  (i may continue to post photos on flickr still.)  arrivederci and sayonara for now.


5 Comments on “summah”

  1. oh man… but I just started following… I guess I’ll just have to sift through all of your older posts to get my fry fix.
    You had some great finds, I’m surprised you can still find Finel for $2! I also really like the organic feel of that print. I think it’s better than the Miro? It’s just more detailed… I can’t believe things like that make their way to the thrift store either but at least they are rescued by people who appreciate them.

    Until next time.

    • fries in a cone says:

      miro? is that what the commune dining room print is? see? i’m constantly learning new things and new names. this self-taught thing is tough (but fun.)

      i don’t really even need more stuff anymore, but i stll get a “jolt of thrill” when i walk into a thrift store. ya just never know….i couldn’t believe the arabia bowl was just sitting there on a shelf calling out to me. that stuff just doesn’t happen anymore, but it’s fun when it does happen.

      i look forward to reading about your finds…

      • Actually I don’t know if it’s a Miro, it just looked like it might be. It could also be Jean Arp, who knows… I’m still learning too! That’s half the fun. Maybe you should start selling some stuff on etsy, I’m going to take the plunge sometime soon.
        I think you could sell some vintage goodies (cause you have an eye for them) and some of those (made by you) pot holders, they’re awesome!

  2. erika says:

    No! You can’t go dark. You were the first blog I ever started to follow and I always checked in with you with my morning coffee! You’re so entertaining and educational – a mid century modern muppet show if you will (you’re not really that silly as those muppets, I hope you see that as a compliment and a description of something I would hate to not have around any longer). And you are only one of two blogs that I follow! Please, keep thrifting – please keep sharing your wonderful photos and your new gluten free vegan snack ideas. Maybe you should start an ebay store as a way to make money doing what you love – rescuing lost treasures at wonderfully low prices – and then reselling them for what they are worth. You’ll have money for a downpayment on a house in no time and then you can get to your other love – decorating! See, I’ve got it all figured out for you 😉 If this were a fortune cookie, clearly keeping this blog going is going to be important to your future success and happiness!

    • fries in a cone says:

      you crack me up. i need to hire you as my life coach.

      cripe, maybe i won’t turn the lights off on the ol’ blog. i just figured i’d become one of those bloggers who frustrates readers by not posting regularly anymore.

      clearly i can’t have you spiraling into the deep dark depths of doom and gloom due to a permanent shutdown. i’m no animal. i’ll keep the door open to future posts….

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