have you guys been noticing all the cool spindle back chairs allasudden?

seems all the cool homes have cool spindle back chairs.

via canadian house and home

via sköna hem

via remodelista

via desire to inspire

via desire to inspire

well, count me in as a cool spindle back chair owner.  (plus i already have that other mobler chair.)

i just need the cool house to put it in now.  that’s all.

spindle back rope chair.

no price on it at the thrift store.

when i asked to get a price, the guy said, “$20.”  i was all, “$20????  for this little chair????”

“ok then, $10.”

i said, “ok, ten.”

(and i NEVER barter.)

there were no markings and it was oak rather than teak, but it definitely had a danish “feel.”

turns out it’s a jørgen bækmark, designed in 1959 for mobler.

for $10!

and then i made a pillow for it.

because i am in pillow-mode.

vintage gulls.

but i only had a small scrap of this fabric, so she’s a tiny pillow, 13″.  scale looks odd with this chair.  i’ll have to make a different, slightly bigger pillow.

no problemo since i’m in PILLOW-MODE!

anyway, i love my chair.

haven’t seen any of these little enamel ladles in quite some time, but happened upon a little red one in good condition for a quarter so i bought it, too.

red, white, blue and cheap.  my kinda patriotic late july day.

not brown

another floor pillow in vintage flowery corduroy fabric from the stash.

a little yin to balance out the yang of yesterday’s masculine post.



brown’s kinda dull in the summertime.

but brown is my theme for today, and so brown it is.

summahtime brown!!!

my floor pillows were looking a little ratty so i decided to de-ratty them.

have been holding onto this vintage hagapy screenprint fabric for, oh i dunno, 6 years???  the plan in my head was to use the fabric to cover a chair seat cushion.  i decided to buck up and and actually use the fabric before it went out of style again.

so, first up in the brown category – my incredible talent for sewing 2 square pieces of material together to form a floor pillow:

that's me

one very fresh, de-rattatized retro mod floor pillow.  (i’ve still got one more to cover.)

#2 brown thing.

while i was digging through said vintage fabric stash, i came upon a log cabin pillow top i made probably 6 years ago as well and decided to finish it.

the back:

next up – ok david stewart know-it-alls – please tell me this is a david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware piece.

or did i just buy a random brown rooster planter?

it’s GOT to be a david stewart, right?  after all, i took a $3 chance on this cock-a-doodle-dude.  i could find no photos of a rooster in my research, so my new take on this is it is an extremely rare, highly valuable, probably one-of-a-kind david stewart rooster.  the only one in all the world.  take that.

“kim, what up girl, you buyin’ chicken planters now?” 

and then i bought a 59¢ plant on clearance to chuck in it for my ghetto porch.  i think they’re marigolds.  i hope something blooms.  if not, maybe i’ll eat my soup outta this critter.

rooster theme alert.

the jaunty capped rooster tapestry with the rooster planter.

at that same thrift store, i also bought this big ol’ beach bag with a retro feel.  brown corduroy with some snazzy rick-rack trim.  you can never have enough big ol’ bags, especially with rick-rack.  am i walking that fine line of looking like an aging hippie fool or am i the coolest old lady on the block?  the answer is cool.

last in the brown theme is what i consider a score of all scores.  some will think it’s ugly as sin.  probably most will.  me?  i think it’s ultra cool and is the PERFECT fall/winter rug.  very 70s.  a brown graphic diamond flokati rug.

i was in the linens section of goodwill looking the other way when my bare arm brushed up against this and scared the crap outta me.  but then i was all, “whoa, what have we here?”  it’s in EXCELLENT condition and has a beni ouarain vibe(ish) to it.  and who on earth doesn’t want to own a beni ouarain, i ask you????  the back is beautiful.  and it’s a decent size!!!  like, 4-1/2′ x 6′.  these magical things just don’t happen to me anymore.  but apparently, they do.

magical carpet!!!

back of rug

i’ve got the floor pillows, i’ve got the rug – all i need now is the little cabin on the lake with the roaring fire, the bottle of wine, the imaginary boyfriend with the hairy chest, gold chain, moustache…


i wish i was on one right now.


can this shithole

can this house –

become this house –

with a little paint and some landscaping and elbow grease?

not a chance?

c’mon – a few 2 x 4s, a couple gallons of paint, a few rocks, a little magic….

you see it, right?

(the modern white house was a house for sale in sweden, now sold, seen here.)

i gotta tell ya, that gray house is one of the ugliest houses i’ve ever seen, but man, it’s on the market now and she’s CHEAP.  what you’d pay for a car.  and she’s in a locale where i spotted gwyneth paltrow’s mom, blythe danner, whom i said hello to and who smiled and said “hi” back.   name dropper

and then she quickly walked away.


that is blythe danner walking away from me in the white vest

so, what i’m sayin’ is the rich and famous hang here.  this is hoity-toity country.  except for maybe that gray house.

but i can see potential.

a potential headache.

no, i really can see potential.

a potential money pit.

no no i see it.

LOOK!  wood walls begging to be painted out white.  or not.  i don’t mind the wood.  or maybe a wall or two black.  this gray dump is screaming for some scandinavia style and who better than me to do this?  ok, maybe someone with a job or someone with an architect’s degree or an interior design degree or someone with carpentry skills, but again, whatever.

i can prime.  i can paint.  i can rip out carpet.  them’s skills, baby!!

see?  this is my problem.  i have vision.  VISION, i tell ya.

but i have no capacity for follow-through.  it’s a slight flaw.

and that flaw haunts me.

cuz this place could become a killer pad.  it needs me.  and it needs my lamps.

and these are only a FEW i’ve shown you in the past.  i’ve been hoarding so much stuff away it’s ridiculous.  me and my stuff NEED a home.

but the deep question of the day is – will awesome lamps hanging in my own home bring me peace and true happiness?

will it?

will it really?

do i have to ask?

i’ve never been deep.  shallow, yes, shallow i’ve heard before.

the answer is yes.

an ugly house that i transform into a beautiful swan with beautiful lamps will make me the happiest girl in the whole USA.

as long as my next door neighbor is jon hamm.

via W magazine

(alright, he’s taken, i know.  ok, someone jon hamm-esque.  and single.  and funny.  and smart.  with a lawnmower.  and a plow.)

(too much to ask?  someone with all their teeth and a weed whacker?)


this summer i neglected my outdoor porch.

for a couple reasons.

1.  landlord continually questions my taste.  and i get it, i do.  flower garlands?  triangle bunting?  it’s not a look for everyone.  (the garlands and bunting are long gone, the sun faded some, mold got the others.)  he’d pop over when i’d be on the porch and always say, “i just don’t get it, i don’t get what you’re doing out here.”  to be fair, he never asked me to take anything down.

2.  no job meant i thought i’d be moving shortly so why bother buy plants, herbs, flowers, etc.?

some porch photos from when i cared:

landlord was over last week and asked me to close my kitchen window because he was power washing the walls in my porch area.  in what i believe was a sincere gesture on his part, i think he figured he’d power wash my furniture while he was at it (2 chairs and a table).  get the dust and grime off.  turns out those power washers mean bidness.  stripped the stains right off  to the quick.  down to the bare wood.  it became an instant shabby (ghetto) chic look, although not quite as ghetto chic as the other back porch with the scuffed plastic furniture and the coffee can full of cigarette butts.

so i got off my lazy-ignore-my-porch ass and went to joann’s to pick up a bottle of craft paint to perform a face liftectomy on the sad furniture.  i had a bottle of the palest pink in my hands, thinking i could channel this awesome scandi look:

via fryd + design

at the very last second i grabbed a lavender paint instead.  i’m not sure what i was thinking, but purple is now the signature look of ghetto porch 2011, made possible with a $1.39 bottle of paint.  the pink will have to wait.

still no new plants or flowers or herbs, but at least it looks like i put forth some effort.

and please admire my newly thrifted $2 mini dansk cutting board.

i braved the crowds at half-off day at the ghetto goodwill and was beyond surprised when this piece of loveliness was sitting right there on a top shelf!  and i went later in the afternoon, not when the doors opened first thing in the morning!!!

let me just say, i NEEDED a new one of these.  i already own one identical to this and another made-in-japan oval version.  but both have split right down the middle.  let’s face it, girlfriend’s put these babies to use.  limes have been cut, oh laaawwwddd, limes have been cut.

oh, and what’s that you’ve got there?  a matching sugar bowl to the rosenthal coffee pot?  how many sugar bowls does this make now?  35 or so?  do you even use sugar?  oh, sometimes to rim your cocktail glass?  well then, by all means, you DO need that sugar bowl.

little big map

so, i know a little bit about a lot of things, but there was one thing i was pretty sure about.  ok, well, two things.  i can recite the budweiser beer label at the drop of a hat.  it’s on my resume.  and i know my state capitals.  or at least i thought i did.  back in the day you could bet money on me.  ask kim to name the capital of alabama (montgomery.)  i knew ’em.  i tested myself the other night just to make sure (as you do) and turns out i forgot a few.  some came streaming back to me, but i confess i was stumped on a handful.

i went to the sundays only flea market STRICTLY to visit my fave craft lady, flo.  flo and her musty vintage fabric and craft supplies.  i wanted to make a pom-pom garland for my future christmas tree (as you do) and i knew my gal flo had pom-poms.  i bought my pom-poms (and a couple pieces of scrap fabrics) and WITH BLINDERS ON, i headed out of the flea.  didn’t want to be tempted into buying stuff i don’t need.

juuuuuuusssssttttt when i’m at the exit i stopped to look through a big wooden bowl of vintage jewelry in the last booth.  i’m picking and pawing and there’s some kinda something rolled up laying across this big ol’ bowl – like a scrap piece of wallpaper or something.  i moved it out of the way but decided to unscroll it to see what it was.  cool old gigantic rand mcnally black and white map of the united states with a linen back.  sturdy, beefy.  no price.

i knew it would cost more than i was willing to pay but when i asked the seller how much he wanted, he said, “how’s $5 sound?”  well, it sounded good.

this thing is over 3′ x 4′.  huge.  do i need another map for decor purposes?  nope.  but does it have all the capitals of the 50 states on it so i can randomly brush up this aging brain’s useless trivia file?  yes, yes it does.  columbus, ohio.  columbia, south carolina.  allllllll comin’ back to me, baby.

so, speaking of BIG, flo had this scrap fabric i had to buy for $2.  i’m pretty sure it’s cool.  i think once it’s ironed out and maybe stretched across a frame, it’ll make for one fine statement piece.  do i know how to stretch fabric across a frame?  no.  details.  like i said, it’s BIG.  over 4′ x 6′.  in my head i see this displayed beautifully over a sofa or along a hallway or in a cool massage room looking très très outstanding and très très expensive and folks should be très très impressed with this avant-garde piece of abstract whatever-it-is.  oui?

and then, just cuz when it’s raining maps, it’s pouring maps, this small, hand done cross stitch map of mystic (CT) (capital hartford) and fisher’s island (NY) (capital albany) (annoying) jumped out at me at goodwill and right into my basket.  they’re local areas and therefore i needed it.

i’m map saturated.  i’m mapturated.