little big map

so, i know a little bit about a lot of things, but there was one thing i was pretty sure about.  ok, well, two things.  i can recite the budweiser beer label at the drop of a hat.  it’s on my resume.  and i know my state capitals.  or at least i thought i did.  back in the day you could bet money on me.  ask kim to name the capital of alabama (montgomery.)  i knew ’em.  i tested myself the other night just to make sure (as you do) and turns out i forgot a few.  some came streaming back to me, but i confess i was stumped on a handful.

i went to the sundays only flea market STRICTLY to visit my fave craft lady, flo.  flo and her musty vintage fabric and craft supplies.  i wanted to make a pom-pom garland for my future christmas tree (as you do) and i knew my gal flo had pom-poms.  i bought my pom-poms (and a couple pieces of scrap fabrics) and WITH BLINDERS ON, i headed out of the flea.  didn’t want to be tempted into buying stuff i don’t need.

juuuuuuusssssttttt when i’m at the exit i stopped to look through a big wooden bowl of vintage jewelry in the last booth.  i’m picking and pawing and there’s some kinda something rolled up laying across this big ol’ bowl – like a scrap piece of wallpaper or something.  i moved it out of the way but decided to unscroll it to see what it was.  cool old gigantic rand mcnally black and white map of the united states with a linen back.  sturdy, beefy.  no price.

i knew it would cost more than i was willing to pay but when i asked the seller how much he wanted, he said, “how’s $5 sound?”  well, it sounded good.

this thing is over 3′ x 4′.  huge.  do i need another map for decor purposes?  nope.  but does it have all the capitals of the 50 states on it so i can randomly brush up this aging brain’s useless trivia file?  yes, yes it does.  columbus, ohio.  columbia, south carolina.  allllllll comin’ back to me, baby.

so, speaking of BIG, flo had this scrap fabric i had to buy for $2.  i’m pretty sure it’s cool.  i think once it’s ironed out and maybe stretched across a frame, it’ll make for one fine statement piece.  do i know how to stretch fabric across a frame?  no.  details.  like i said, it’s BIG.  over 4′ x 6′.  in my head i see this displayed beautifully over a sofa or along a hallway or in a cool massage room looking très très outstanding and très très expensive and folks should be très très impressed with this avant-garde piece of abstract whatever-it-is.  oui?

and then, just cuz when it’s raining maps, it’s pouring maps, this small, hand done cross stitch map of mystic (CT) (capital hartford) and fisher’s island (NY) (capital albany) (annoying) jumped out at me at goodwill and right into my basket.  they’re local areas and therefore i needed it.

i’m map saturated.  i’m mapturated.


4 Comments on “little big map”

  1. Beautiful beautiful stuff! The fabric looks like it could be a vintage panton or marimekko wall hanging… I can’t believe it was only $2!? I love that you are making a pom-pom garland, they are so cute. I also love the b&w rug (throw?) in the background of one of the pics, it has a great pattern.

    • fries in a cone says:

      ok, so i’m getting confirmation that the fabric panel is cool? i thought so.

      B&W mystery object is indeed a thrifted alpaca/wool made-in-peru throw.

      and yes, while at first the pom-pom garland could seem a little juvenile, i’ll see these randomly tossed in a scandinavian home and think they look great.

      good luck in your thrifting ventures this weekend!

  2. as i was doing research i came across an artist that reminded me of your wall hanging.. you may want to check it out… Jan Yoors

    • fries in a cone says:

      hey – i’m so glad you wrote…..i’ve tried leaving comments on your posts from the library, but those computers won’t allow me to leave comments. i’ve LOVED your neon wall hanging finds!!! thanks for keeping me in mind during your research…..i looked up jan yoors and i’m glad i found out it’s a “he” rather than a “she” when i start braggin’ on my tapestry wall hanging. i saw the similarities with the circle motif. even tho it may not be an official jan yoors, i’m officially saying it is. thanks for staying in touch – kim

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