this summer i neglected my outdoor porch.

for a couple reasons.

1.  landlord continually questions my taste.  and i get it, i do.  flower garlands?  triangle bunting?  it’s not a look for everyone.  (the garlands and bunting are long gone, the sun faded some, mold got the others.)  he’d pop over when i’d be on the porch and always say, “i just don’t get it, i don’t get what you’re doing out here.”  to be fair, he never asked me to take anything down.

2.  no job meant i thought i’d be moving shortly so why bother buy plants, herbs, flowers, etc.?

some porch photos from when i cared:

landlord was over last week and asked me to close my kitchen window because he was power washing the walls in my porch area.  in what i believe was a sincere gesture on his part, i think he figured he’d power wash my furniture while he was at it (2 chairs and a table).  get the dust and grime off.  turns out those power washers mean bidness.  stripped the stains right off  to the quick.  down to the bare wood.  it became an instant shabby (ghetto) chic look, although not quite as ghetto chic as the other back porch with the scuffed plastic furniture and the coffee can full of cigarette butts.

so i got off my lazy-ignore-my-porch ass and went to joann’s to pick up a bottle of craft paint to perform a face liftectomy on the sad furniture.  i had a bottle of the palest pink in my hands, thinking i could channel this awesome scandi look:

via fryd + design

at the very last second i grabbed a lavender paint instead.  i’m not sure what i was thinking, but purple is now the signature look of ghetto porch 2011, made possible with a $1.39 bottle of paint.  the pink will have to wait.

still no new plants or flowers or herbs, but at least it looks like i put forth some effort.

and please admire my newly thrifted $2 mini dansk cutting board.

i braved the crowds at half-off day at the ghetto goodwill and was beyond surprised when this piece of loveliness was sitting right there on a top shelf!  and i went later in the afternoon, not when the doors opened first thing in the morning!!!

let me just say, i NEEDED a new one of these.  i already own one identical to this and another made-in-japan oval version.  but both have split right down the middle.  let’s face it, girlfriend’s put these babies to use.  limes have been cut, oh laaawwwddd, limes have been cut.

oh, and what’s that you’ve got there?  a matching sugar bowl to the rosenthal coffee pot?  how many sugar bowls does this make now?  35 or so?  do you even use sugar?  oh, sometimes to rim your cocktail glass?  well then, by all means, you DO need that sugar bowl.


One Comment on “purple”

  1. Ouch… you have put some miles on those cutting boards! They love you… I’ve never come across one like that at the thrift. I also think you chose such a pretty lilac color for the chairs, and for only 1.39…. amazing! Really enjoyed all the pretty setups too… seems to me like you still care 🙂

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