can this shithole

can this house –

become this house –

with a little paint and some landscaping and elbow grease?

not a chance?

c’mon – a few 2 x 4s, a couple gallons of paint, a few rocks, a little magic….

you see it, right?

(the modern white house was a house for sale in sweden, now sold, seen here.)

i gotta tell ya, that gray house is one of the ugliest houses i’ve ever seen, but man, it’s on the market now and she’s CHEAP.  what you’d pay for a car.  and she’s in a locale where i spotted gwyneth paltrow’s mom, blythe danner, whom i said hello to and who smiled and said “hi” back.   name dropper

and then she quickly walked away.


that is blythe danner walking away from me in the white vest

so, what i’m sayin’ is the rich and famous hang here.  this is hoity-toity country.  except for maybe that gray house.

but i can see potential.

a potential headache.

no, i really can see potential.

a potential money pit.

no no i see it.

LOOK!  wood walls begging to be painted out white.  or not.  i don’t mind the wood.  or maybe a wall or two black.  this gray dump is screaming for some scandinavia style and who better than me to do this?  ok, maybe someone with a job or someone with an architect’s degree or an interior design degree or someone with carpentry skills, but again, whatever.

i can prime.  i can paint.  i can rip out carpet.  them’s skills, baby!!

see?  this is my problem.  i have vision.  VISION, i tell ya.

but i have no capacity for follow-through.  it’s a slight flaw.

and that flaw haunts me.

cuz this place could become a killer pad.  it needs me.  and it needs my lamps.

and these are only a FEW i’ve shown you in the past.  i’ve been hoarding so much stuff away it’s ridiculous.  me and my stuff NEED a home.

but the deep question of the day is – will awesome lamps hanging in my own home bring me peace and true happiness?

will it?

will it really?

do i have to ask?

i’ve never been deep.  shallow, yes, shallow i’ve heard before.

the answer is yes.

an ugly house that i transform into a beautiful swan with beautiful lamps will make me the happiest girl in the whole USA.

as long as my next door neighbor is jon hamm.

via W magazine

(alright, he’s taken, i know.  ok, someone jon hamm-esque.  and single.  and funny.  and smart.  with a lawnmower.  and a plow.)

(too much to ask?  someone with all their teeth and a weed whacker?)


6 Comments on “whaddyathink”

  1. Bill says:

    Damn Right! You CAN do it!! OTHER opinions do not matter…YOURS is the only one that matters! If YOU believe in yourself… you can make it happen! (my opinion (for what it’s worth).

  2. Girl you have VISION! I think it is much better to have vision than not… even if you don’t currently have the money to pull it off. Wouldn’t just the land be worth the investment? I can imagine building a nice little workshop too… and a garden… **sigh**
    oh to be an heir of an anonymous fortune so that it could be done….

    • fries in a cone says:

      a garden is CLUTCH. oh how i want to grow my own food. and grill up fresh veggie kabobs for my imaginary boyfriend who lives next door. i have this place has the potential to be amazing.

      • erika says:

        I am in agreement! This place is not so bad, it has some stuff you can work with and make real pretty. I know you can! And you know what, since starting to read your blog, your procrastination has come a long way. 2011 has been a good year for you starting and finishing crafty things. Besides, I think a small project vs. the large project of your dreams (a house make over) that incorporates all of the small things you have been wanting to do for so long, will show you just how much follow through you’ve got. You’ve been training for this for your whole life!

      • fries in a cone says:

        sadly, my procrastination is still hangin’ tough. we’ll see, tho….
        i do have a half-baked plan in place now. and if not that house, well, there are still plenty others out there. thank you for your continued life coach support as always, mayor.

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