brown’s kinda dull in the summertime.

but brown is my theme for today, and so brown it is.

summahtime brown!!!

my floor pillows were looking a little ratty so i decided to de-ratty them.

have been holding onto this vintage hagapy screenprint fabric for, oh i dunno, 6 years???  the plan in my head was to use the fabric to cover a chair seat cushion.  i decided to buck up and and actually use the fabric before it went out of style again.

so, first up in the brown category – my incredible talent for sewing 2 square pieces of material together to form a floor pillow:

that's me

one very fresh, de-rattatized retro mod floor pillow.  (i’ve still got one more to cover.)

#2 brown thing.

while i was digging through said vintage fabric stash, i came upon a log cabin pillow top i made probably 6 years ago as well and decided to finish it.

the back:

next up – ok david stewart know-it-alls – please tell me this is a david stewart for lion’s valley stoneware piece.

or did i just buy a random brown rooster planter?

it’s GOT to be a david stewart, right?  after all, i took a $3 chance on this cock-a-doodle-dude.  i could find no photos of a rooster in my research, so my new take on this is it is an extremely rare, highly valuable, probably one-of-a-kind david stewart rooster.  the only one in all the world.  take that.

“kim, what up girl, you buyin’ chicken planters now?” 

and then i bought a 59¢ plant on clearance to chuck in it for my ghetto porch.  i think they’re marigolds.  i hope something blooms.  if not, maybe i’ll eat my soup outta this critter.

rooster theme alert.

the jaunty capped rooster tapestry with the rooster planter.

at that same thrift store, i also bought this big ol’ beach bag with a retro feel.  brown corduroy with some snazzy rick-rack trim.  you can never have enough big ol’ bags, especially with rick-rack.  am i walking that fine line of looking like an aging hippie fool or am i the coolest old lady on the block?  the answer is cool.

last in the brown theme is what i consider a score of all scores.  some will think it’s ugly as sin.  probably most will.  me?  i think it’s ultra cool and is the PERFECT fall/winter rug.  very 70s.  a brown graphic diamond flokati rug.

i was in the linens section of goodwill looking the other way when my bare arm brushed up against this and scared the crap outta me.  but then i was all, “whoa, what have we here?”  it’s in EXCELLENT condition and has a beni ouarain vibe(ish) to it.  and who on earth doesn’t want to own a beni ouarain, i ask you????  the back is beautiful.  and it’s a decent size!!!  like, 4-1/2′ x 6′.  these magical things just don’t happen to me anymore.  but apparently, they do.

magical carpet!!!

back of rug

i’ve got the floor pillows, i’ve got the rug – all i need now is the little cabin on the lake with the roaring fire, the bottle of wine, the imaginary boyfriend with the hairy chest, gold chain, moustache…

7 Comments on “brown”

  1. Brown has never looked so good!

    as for Mr. Rooster, I *think* you are right… am also loving the rug (how would you go about cleaning one of those?)

    So… are those tags on the pillows a hint into what you’ve been brewing…

    • fries in a cone says:

      cleaning?!?!? oh, funny girl.

      but seriously, i’ve owned a 9 x 12 cream flokati rug for over 10 years now and i just shake it out and comb it with a wide tooth comb. and spot clean it with water.

      i think the diamond flokati rug has never been used. no smell, pristine condition. i shook it out and combed it a little when i got it home to make sure there were no bugs in it. eww.

      the little tags are only for when i’m dead and gone and my stuff ends up in goodwill, someone will do an exhaustive search for these lost and forgotten gems.

  2. Trina Curran says:

    LOVED this post! That rug is amazing, and I think brown is cool, by the way. I have tons of brown in my house too…my husband says ewwwww…LOL! Love the pillows!!

  3. Beatriz says:

    Hi, did you find out if the rooster is a DS? I just got an identical one at the thrift store and you are the only reference I have found. Will you make my day? Lucky for me, I found your blog!
    Will come back.

    • fries in a cone says:

      did not find out for sure if it’s a true david stewart, but if vintage scapes seems to think it is, and i think it is, then i’m declaring it is indeed.

      the only thing now is i’m BUMMED there is another one out there. there goes my theory that mine was the one and only one in the whole wide world and worth a zillion dollars. rats.

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