how much…

…do i miss having a computer?

i feel like an addict whose fix has been ripped from the grip of her stubby massage fingers cold turkey.

i’m using the library computer.  they give you an hour per day.

so i guess in theory it’s not “cold turkey.”

it’s a nice option, but it ain’t the same as having one at your disposal 24-7.  and no pictures!!!!

and lemme tell ya, according to me, i’ve been pretty interesting lately.

i reupholstered another vintage footstool.  i put a zipper in a pillow cover all by myself!  without a zipper foot!  and currently i’m working on one of those round pom-pom rugs.  another unfortunate feature of the library computer is you can’t add links.  no links, no photos.  you people will really have to use your imagination.

as far as thrifting goes, i’ve been able to find a vintage yellow donut phone, some teak danish salt and pepper shakers, and a 2 ft diameter swedish teak tray.  not many items, but each is fabulous.  trust.

so – if it’s not an earthquake (which i felt while i was at the library!!! and said out loud, “whoa, earthquake?” when the computer station started to jiggle) – if it’s not an earthquake, it’s a hurricane.  we’re in line for a direct hit from irene.  yikes.  i’ll be battening down the hatches with a martini and some gluten-free fruit and date bars (if the power goes out,) along with major pom-pom production for that rug of mine.  i think i need to make at least 400 pom-poms.  i’ve made 40.  i’ve got a few more to make.

computer down

computer is busted and i’m pretty sure it’s terminal.  things will be quiet while i either fix the one i’ve got or buy a new one.  (i’m on a friend’s computer now.)

it’s always something.


not to be obvious, but “crazy, stupid, love” offers up what i like in a summer movie.  nothing too heavy, a few laughs, some tears, and people my age wearing cool clothes and looking good.  and i was even convinced i was gonna not like this movie several minutes into it, but it rallied.

i’d really like to find the clogs julianne moore is wearing here to ease into the late summer/early fall season.  it isn’t likely i’ll find them on any shelf in any thrift store anytime soon however.

actually, i’d take all the clothes julianne moore was wearing.

and again, not to be obvious, but it didn’t hurt looking at this guy.


ya know how i’ve been in pillow-mode?  i decided i would try and advance my sewing skills and teach myself how to install a zipper in a pillow cover.  i looked at several tutorials, several videos and after feeling pretty confident installing a zipper was a piece of cake, i went for it.

it took me quite some time to figure out how to attach the dang zipper foot.  but i conquered that.

but then.


pillow-mode was abruptly halted when i ended up with a couple broken sewing needles.  no-one in those tutorial videos broke their needles.  they left that part out.  or maybe i’m doing something wrong.

so after a trip to joann fabrics to buy some replacement needles, i decided to go back to what i know.

straight lines.  no zippers.  (but a few staples.)

i jumped out of pillow-mode and into footstool-mode.

but not fancy footstool-mode with piping around the edges or anything.  to apply piping or cording or whatever it’s called, i think you need to know how to use your zipper foot.

and apparently i don’t.

so i’ve done plain ol’ recovering of a vintage footstool i found over a year ago and never got around to recovering.  imagine that.

this was one of those beat-up items at goodwill.  they wanted $4 for it and it was torn and taped and sad.  and it sat there and it sat there and it sat there.  when it finally went to half-off, i figured i’d rescue the poor thing for $2.

nice size.   ok-looking from a distance.

as i’ve mentioned lately, i’ve been digging through old vintage fabric scraps and i patched together a few of them to create this beauty.   i’m kinda loving the vintage hunter dogs.  what are they called?  bird dogs?  pointers?  what the hell are they called?  i think my aunt and uncle used to own these when i was a young’un.  or did they just own paintings of these dogs?  or was it my family who owned a painting of these dogs?  my mind these days, i tell ya.  used to be sharp as a tack.  now.  now it seems i don’t remember anything quite correctly.

let’s just say there’s some kind of family history with these dogs that i don’t know the name of.  could be a live, breathing thing, could be a painting.

i thought about painting the legs white for a brief second.  and then that thought left.  it’s too hot.  i won’t rule it out in the future, but for now, natural wood legs.

anyway, fuck zippers.