ya know how i’ve been in pillow-mode?  i decided i would try and advance my sewing skills and teach myself how to install a zipper in a pillow cover.  i looked at several tutorials, several videos and after feeling pretty confident installing a zipper was a piece of cake, i went for it.

it took me quite some time to figure out how to attach the dang zipper foot.  but i conquered that.

but then.


pillow-mode was abruptly halted when i ended up with a couple broken sewing needles.  no-one in those tutorial videos broke their needles.  they left that part out.  or maybe i’m doing something wrong.

so after a trip to joann fabrics to buy some replacement needles, i decided to go back to what i know.

straight lines.  no zippers.  (but a few staples.)

i jumped out of pillow-mode and into footstool-mode.

but not fancy footstool-mode with piping around the edges or anything.  to apply piping or cording or whatever it’s called, i think you need to know how to use your zipper foot.

and apparently i don’t.

so i’ve done plain ol’ recovering of a vintage footstool i found over a year ago and never got around to recovering.  imagine that.

this was one of those beat-up items at goodwill.  they wanted $4 for it and it was torn and taped and sad.  and it sat there and it sat there and it sat there.  when it finally went to half-off, i figured i’d rescue the poor thing for $2.

nice size.   ok-looking from a distance.

as i’ve mentioned lately, i’ve been digging through old vintage fabric scraps and i patched together a few of them to create this beauty.   i’m kinda loving the vintage hunter dogs.  what are they called?  bird dogs?  pointers?  what the hell are they called?  i think my aunt and uncle used to own these when i was a young’un.  or did they just own paintings of these dogs?  or was it my family who owned a painting of these dogs?  my mind these days, i tell ya.  used to be sharp as a tack.  now.  now it seems i don’t remember anything quite correctly.

let’s just say there’s some kind of family history with these dogs that i don’t know the name of.  could be a live, breathing thing, could be a painting.

i thought about painting the legs white for a brief second.  and then that thought left.  it’s too hot.  i won’t rule it out in the future, but for now, natural wood legs.

anyway, fuck zippers.


2 Comments on “pillow-mode”

  1. Congrats on the new gig! Can’t wait to see new thrifty finds from you 🙂

  2. legendofjd3 says:

    You’re very talented. 🙂

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