not to be obvious, but “crazy, stupid, love” offers up what i like in a summer movie.  nothing too heavy, a few laughs, some tears, and people my age wearing cool clothes and looking good.  and i was even convinced i was gonna not like this movie several minutes into it, but it rallied.

i’d really like to find the clogs julianne moore is wearing here to ease into the late summer/early fall season.  it isn’t likely i’ll find them on any shelf in any thrift store anytime soon however.

actually, i’d take all the clothes julianne moore was wearing.

and again, not to be obvious, but it didn’t hurt looking at this guy.

3 Comments on “movie”

  1. I totally hope you find out who makes those clogs – I loved them when I saw the movie!

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

  2. Yep….And it doesn’t hurt that he looks so YUMMY in that suit….**wink**….!!!!!

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