how much…

…do i miss having a computer?

i feel like an addict whose fix has been ripped from the grip of her stubby massage fingers cold turkey.

i’m using the library computer.  they give you an hour per day.

so i guess in theory it’s not “cold turkey.”

it’s a nice option, but it ain’t the same as having one at your disposal 24-7.  and no pictures!!!!

and lemme tell ya, according to me, i’ve been pretty interesting lately.

i reupholstered another vintage footstool.  i put a zipper in a pillow cover all by myself!  without a zipper foot!  and currently i’m working on one of those round pom-pom rugs.  another unfortunate feature of the library computer is you can’t add links.  no links, no photos.  you people will really have to use your imagination.

as far as thrifting goes, i’ve been able to find a vintage yellow donut phone, some teak danish salt and pepper shakers, and a 2 ft diameter swedish teak tray.  not many items, but each is fabulous.  trust.

so – if it’s not an earthquake (which i felt while i was at the library!!! and said out loud, “whoa, earthquake?” when the computer station started to jiggle) – if it’s not an earthquake, it’s a hurricane.  we’re in line for a direct hit from irene.  yikes.  i’ll be battening down the hatches with a martini and some gluten-free fruit and date bars (if the power goes out,) along with major pom-pom production for that rug of mine.  i think i need to make at least 400 pom-poms.  i’ve made 40.  i’ve got a few more to make.


2 Comments on “how much…”

  1. legendofjd3 says:

    You need to thrift yourself a new laptop. 😉

    • fries in a cone says:

      right??? a friend offered her old desktop tower to me (but no monitor) and i actually saw a monitor at goodwill, but didn’t bother. another friend has offered her husband’s computer services to me and hopefully i can get the old laptop in working order. as i heard one dude at the library describe it – this “chillin’ at the berry” is getting old.

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