back 100 years ago when i had a life i skied the mountains of st. anton in austria.

oh, the fun.

oh, the slivovitz.

that stuff will kill ya, but while in austria….ya drink what the locals drink.  or what the locals want the tourists to drink so they can see them make fools of themselves.


did i bring back any cool souvenirs while i was there?

no.  it never occurred to me.

i think i brought a shotglass home.

so when i saw this book at goodwill i knew i had to have it.

it’s vintage.

vintage austria!

this is just what the area looked like even though this isn’t st. anton.

i’ve skied that sh*t!  and one day it was in blizzard conditions!  but mostly it was sunny and wide open and beautiful just like this.

kinda makes me miss the slopes.  i haven’t skied in a dozen (or more) years!

and look – there’s a pic of me giving a mud treatment massage.  how’d that get there?

it’s really brownie batter.

and me in the healing caves in my white bikini.

and ellen degeneres in green.

with the crazy eyes.

check out the mod chairs.

(the pastil chair, designed by eero aarnio, 1968.)

this was also the first time i drank hot spiced wine.

between the slivovitz and the hot spiced wine, maybe this trip turned me into an alcoholic.

like everyone else there.

it’s lucky for you folks i made it out alive.  and no, not cuz of the drinking.  the day we left there was an avalanche that killed 7 people.  no lie.

(way to turn this post into a downer.)


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