the LAST thing in the world i want is anything butterfly-themed.

(ok, maybe not LAST.  cat stuff is worse.)

but butterflies?  no thank you.

they’re just not for me.

i suppose i’ve seen some OK butterflies done right.  heck, i even thrifted a single brass butterfly wall hanging thingie now that i think about it.

so i’m a liar.

ok, let’s put it this way, as a general rule i’m not a fan of the butterfly in decor, on fabrics, on tee-shirts, pink and purple butterfly themed bedrooms, you know what i mean.

but then…

i was drawn in.

in a vast sea of terrible handbags hanging along the goodwill wall, what’s that i see poking out looking all needlepointy and handmade and 70s retro and tempting?

the lure of the vintage butterfly needlepoint tote bag called to me.

and i answered her $3.99 call….


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