smile and say…


vintage wheaton cheese shaker.

so, cheese.

let’s talk about cheese.

cheese, glorious cheese.

cheese = dairy and last you knew i didn’t eat dairy.

i had proclaimed myself a vegan.

but sometime this past spring i started to introduce some old foods i couldn’t eat back into my diet.

foods i haven’t eaten in 6+ years.

first i tried avocado.

and my throat didn’t close up.

and i was happy.

so i ate avocado all through the spring and the summer and the fall and all was good.

and then mid-summer i decided to give cheese a try.

i started with goat cheese.

and my throat didn’t close up.

and i consumed an entire log in one sitting.

maybe all of 10 mins.

i just ate and ate and ate it.

and then i tried the cow’s version of cheese.  some swiss cheese made in finland with cows who eat grass and who don’t get pumped full of antibiotics.

and dayum – that didn’t close my throat either, and dayum – it was delicious.

so i’ve been eating cheese intermittently for a few months.

you name it, i’ve eaten it.

goat cheese, goat cheese with cranberries, goat cheese with blueberries, herbed goat cheese, havarti, swiss, gouda, brie, fresh mozzarella.

all friggin’ delicious.

i’m torn though.  i don’t want to eat cheese.  i don’t want to eat any more animal products.

have you seen the movie forks over knives?

actually, i haven’t seen the movie.  stupid netflix.  it’s been at the top of my queue for 2 months stating “very long wait.”  that is a LONG time to be waiting.  and why must it be ME who has to wait this long?  who gets first dibs on the movie is what i wanna know.  rude.

i think the gist of the movie is don’t eat animal products for the love of gawd or you’ll die of cancer of the everything.

i hear the movie is controversial.

who knows anymore?

what i do know is sometimes cheese tastes so darn good.

but eating whole packages of cheese by yourself in one sitting can make you large.  large and not in charge.

perhaps this is an instance where eating in moderation is key.  isn’t that what everyone tells themselves as an excuse to eat the stuff that’s bad for you?  i don’t like excuses.

but i do likes me some blueberry goat cheese.

ironically, i have NOT eaten parmesan cheese despite now owning the quintessential mod parmesan cheese shaker.

but it’s a good-looking retro piece of glassware, right?


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