merry and bright

i have enough vintage afghans.

or so i keep telling myself.

a refresher:

and then right off the truck at salvation army comes this amazing, brightly colored, HUGE, mint condition afghan.  no smell.

i needed it.

i will be very very very very very very very very warm this winter.


have you been wondering what ever happened to that felt skier i appliqued onto some grey wool fabric?


yah, i kinda forgot about him, too.

since “round” seems to be my theme for fall 2011, i made him into a round pillow.

with a little blanket stitching around the edge.

so, let’s look at the timeline on that project.  i started making it when i had my old job.  probably 2 years ago.  yes, 2 years ago exactly i’d say.  how do you crafters out there make a living at this?

and with the scrap pieces of wool fabric i made another candle ornament.

actually, if i put a loop on the skier pillow, it could be a gigantic xmas ornament.  i could put it on the tree at rockefeller center.

more neon

while thanksgiving was a scheduled work day for me, turns out i didn’t have to go in.  so armed with my box of wine and craft paints i got down to business cranking out some christmas ornaments.

this is another example of how things you envision in your head don’t quite work out in the execution phase.

this was supposed to be round.  oops.

non-round heart ornament fail

this candle ornament is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.


no, wait, this is.

failed candy cane

what the?

these (2) stars are the only thing i salvaged from my thanksgiving day adventures in crafting.  neon ombre stars.  and that was after a nice long walk to clear my head and regroup.

oh, and i finished up another house ornament that got lost in the craft hell mix.

(managed to find (6) heller plates in PINK! on thanksgiving eve.  like i’ve mentioned, this whole area is dried up of good loot, but boom, there they were.)

anyway – some days crafting beats me down, chews me up and spits me out, man.

sweet potato…

and a box of red.

somewhere martha stewart is frowning.


neon candles

so, this has happened to me a few times lately.

i’ll put the teapot on the stove to boil some water for tea or my daily cup or 2 of hot water.

and i’ll forget about it.

and i’ll boil the kettle dry.

more times than i’d like to admit, actually.

i’m a 5 alarm fire waiting to happen.

this living alone with access to a stove is a life lived on the edge.  all kinds of dangerous.

i fully comprehend the genius behind the whistling tea kettle now.  alas, my ol’ cathrineholm ain’t a whistler.

how i’ll know i’ve forgotten about the tea kettle is i’ll actually hear the snap of enamel being chipped off the kettle itself.  oh, it’s bummed me out.  my cathrineholm was a $5 beauty and now she’s a little rough around the edges.  character, one could say.

i suppose microwaving water is the easy answer here, but where’s the romance in microwaving water?

one could argue where’s the romance in a house burned to the ground.

believe me when i tell you, this thing was black.  i had to give it an overnight soaking with a baking soda paste and it still won’t come completely clean.

i’ve got a backup copco tea kettle in case i ever melt the cathrineholm completely.

regardless – it has inspired my latest round of xmas ornaments.

the fire element.

neon candles.

made with fabric paint.

can you imagine living in the days of yore when real candles were used on xmas trees?

i’d have been one crispy biscuit.

more houses

yup, it takes a village…

to decorate a dead stick.

trying to get my crafting feet wet for the holiday season by making a few more swedish houses.  yes yes i know i know, house ornaments have been done to death and it’s time to move onto something else,  but they’re cute enough in their swedishy handmade way, albeit hardly original.

the return of the alcoholic gardener.

and the one armed swede.

count me in as another old sap who’s gonna miss regis.  i’ve crafted crafts and done my morning workouts watching that guy for as long as i can remember.  no siree bob, ain’t gonna be the same without him.

swedish cabin ornament

following this tutorial here, i made a house ornament.  i tried to make mine swedish-y since i like that stuff and all.

(i fully realize mine barely resembles the beautiful examples from the retro-mama tutorial.)

ahh, swedish cabins.

black cabins.

red cabins.

white cabins.

i just love them and i want to live in one.

pardon me, i need to go out and mow my roof.

btw, i’m still on the hunt for something similar in the good ol’ US of A.

this could be a contender:

although there could be some issues with complete social isolation.

not to mention nuclear power plant radioactive leakage.

when people comment, “kim, you are positively glowing” they wouldn’t be lying.

anyway – ornament #1 for the 2011 season.

because i’m not an accomplished seamstress, this proved a little beyond my level of sewing expertise. (there were pleats in the bottom or something that i didn’t quite understand.)

so i made a few more house ornaments and went a much simpler route.

one i stuffed with stuffing and the others i just used batting in between.

swedish broads in their swedish ‘hood with their pesky rodent problem.


cardboard box

what is better than a box of the finest red, some half-price-cuz-the-expiration-date-is-tomorrow brie, some pecan rice crackers and a netflix dvd of californication season 4?



ain’t nothing better.

stuff with words on it

hey now.

what’s this?

first the cheese shaker.

now the tea holder.

it’s made in france.

you’dathunk it would’ve been spelled “thé” since that’s the way they spell tea in french.

but this spelling makes more sense since i’m american and all.

anyway, here is glass stuff with words i’ve accumulated to date.

all different typography.  all cool.

today’s theme – TEA .

i also picked up this beat-to-heck, dinged, battered and tattered enamel tea kettle with words.

non-american words.

words i believe say “a watched pot never boils.”

there will be no using this kettle to boil water.

i’ll use it as a flower planter next spring.

because if i used it as an actual tea kettle, i’d need to get a tetanus shot from all the rust.