stuff with words on it

hey now.

what’s this?

first the cheese shaker.

now the tea holder.

it’s made in france.

you’dathunk it would’ve been spelled “thé” since that’s the way they spell tea in french.

but this spelling makes more sense since i’m american and all.

anyway, here is glass stuff with words i’ve accumulated to date.

all different typography.  all cool.

today’s theme – TEA .

i also picked up this beat-to-heck, dinged, battered and tattered enamel tea kettle with words.

non-american words.

words i believe say “a watched pot never boils.”

there will be no using this kettle to boil water.

i’ll use it as a flower planter next spring.

because if i used it as an actual tea kettle, i’d need to get a tetanus shot from all the rust.


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