swedish cabin ornament

following this tutorial here, i made a house ornament.  i tried to make mine swedish-y since i like that stuff and all.

(i fully realize mine barely resembles the beautiful examples from the retro-mama tutorial.)

ahh, swedish cabins.

black cabins.

red cabins.

white cabins.

i just love them and i want to live in one.

pardon me, i need to go out and mow my roof.

btw, i’m still on the hunt for something similar in the good ol’ US of A.

this could be a contender:

although there could be some issues with complete social isolation.

not to mention nuclear power plant radioactive leakage.

when people comment, “kim, you are positively glowing” they wouldn’t be lying.

anyway – ornament #1 for the 2011 season.

because i’m not an accomplished seamstress, this proved a little beyond my level of sewing expertise. (there were pleats in the bottom or something that i didn’t quite understand.)

so i made a few more house ornaments and went a much simpler route.

one i stuffed with stuffing and the others i just used batting in between.

swedish broads in their swedish ‘hood with their pesky rodent problem.



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