neon candles

so, this has happened to me a few times lately.

i’ll put the teapot on the stove to boil some water for tea or my daily cup or 2 of hot water.

and i’ll forget about it.

and i’ll boil the kettle dry.

more times than i’d like to admit, actually.

i’m a 5 alarm fire waiting to happen.

this living alone with access to a stove is a life lived on the edge.  all kinds of dangerous.

i fully comprehend the genius behind the whistling tea kettle now.  alas, my ol’ cathrineholm ain’t a whistler.

how i’ll know i’ve forgotten about the tea kettle is i’ll actually hear the snap of enamel being chipped off the kettle itself.  oh, it’s bummed me out.  my cathrineholm was a $5 beauty and now she’s a little rough around the edges.  character, one could say.

i suppose microwaving water is the easy answer here, but where’s the romance in microwaving water?

one could argue where’s the romance in a house burned to the ground.

believe me when i tell you, this thing was black.  i had to give it an overnight soaking with a baking soda paste and it still won’t come completely clean.

i’ve got a backup copco tea kettle in case i ever melt the cathrineholm completely.

regardless – it has inspired my latest round of xmas ornaments.

the fire element.

neon candles.

made with fabric paint.

can you imagine living in the days of yore when real candles were used on xmas trees?

i’d have been one crispy biscuit.


2 Comments on “neon candles”

  1. Linda says:

    You know, it seems like I heard a hint a long time ago that if you put a marble or two in the bottom of a teapot, they would “dance around” when the water was boiling, letting you know it was ready. Of course, I could be hallucinating! I turned 65 a couple of weeks ago…….lol

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