more neon

while thanksgiving was a scheduled work day for me, turns out i didn’t have to go in.  so armed with my box of wine and craft paints i got down to business cranking out some christmas ornaments.

this is another example of how things you envision in your head don’t quite work out in the execution phase.

this was supposed to be round.  oops.

non-round heart ornament fail

this candle ornament is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.


no, wait, this is.

failed candy cane

what the?

these (2) stars are the only thing i salvaged from my thanksgiving day adventures in crafting.  neon ombre stars.  and that was after a nice long walk to clear my head and regroup.

oh, and i finished up another house ornament that got lost in the craft hell mix.

(managed to find (6) heller plates in PINK! on thanksgiving eve.  like i’ve mentioned, this whole area is dried up of good loot, but boom, there they were.)

anyway – some days crafting beats me down, chews me up and spits me out, man.


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