red house plaque

i like when a handmade vintage plaque that looks to have a danish/swedish slant ends up in my goodwill and i find it buried under a bunch of notebooks.  like, how does that happen?

made by diney devin 1973(?)

i could find no info on diney.

but i like that name.

this makes me want to get a stamp with my name on it.

i’d feel all important and stuff.

apparently this is an old danish proverb:

and that is surely a swedish cottage that i seem to be in love with these days.

yes, it’s an omen.  i’m meant to have my own swedish-type cottage.

you know, i’m not the gold-diggery type.

obviously.  i’m over 50 and i live in a ghetto.

i massaged an older gentleman (76) the other night who was dripping money.  soaking wringing wet with money.  and honestly, he was one of the most interesting, most engaging, surprisingly funny funny funny people i’ve met in my life.  it’s making me reconsider the ways of a gold-digger.  i’ll get my swedish cottage somehow.  i will.


One Comment on “red house plaque”

  1. Linda says:

    You go, girl! Work it for all us old broads…

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