after a matinee (the descendants – hmmm, i’ll say good(ish), not an up holiday movie but not bad), i popped into goodwill and found something i’ve always wanted,  yet never thought i’d actually find.

and find fo’ CHEAP.

especially these days when everyone seems to want the same loot.  and when goodwill usually prices its stuff far too high.

and even though i’m steering away from “retro” things, i do really like this.

fiberglass bullet planter.

these babies is usually ‘spensive.

ok, well, it’s got a butterfly.  but i’ve changed my tune on butterflies.  i’ve decided to like them now.  i’m embracing the butterfly.  gives it more of a 70s vibe and i like it.

i haven’t tried to clean the rust off the stand yet.  might spray paint it black?  might not.

she needs a cactus or something.

it’s medium-ish sized, about 8-1/2″ in diameter, 8″ tall.

anyway, just when i’m about ready to give up on goodwill altogether, a $3 beauty lands in my lap.

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