accordion fold

i’ve been folding a lot of paper this holiday season.  more on that later.

as far as xmas decor goes, i’m kinda wimping out this year big time.

i wasn’t going to really even decorate at all, but decided i needed some twinkly lights somewhere and figured i’d throw a strand around one of my mini quilts.

found an unused box of white twinkly lights with white wire buried in the xmas junk at goodwill.  perfect.

tacked everything to the wall with some washi tape from lotta jansdotter (btw, made that accordion flower out of lotta’s pamphlet that came with my order.)  who is saving the earth by reducing, reusing, recycling?  i am.

and that’s about it from me on the ol’ holiday decor.

2 Comments on “accordion fold”

  1. Linda says:

    I think it looks very festive! 😎 At least it’s something. I have bupkis for decorations this year. I really hate not having a tree or anything, but I’m not physically up to it. Boo, hiss! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. lyndsay says:

    i think your decor looks adorable!! and especially with your cool skiier and alpine pillows! Christmas corner! holiday without the usual garish red and green. awesome!

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