the santa stars were aligned.

yes they were.


a year ago i mentioned i’d been on the hunt for a safari chair.

and i know the chance of finding one in a thrift store is not good.

especially around here.

but i’ll be darned.

walked into a thrift store i rarely visit and there it was.

don’t get excited.

it’s not leather.

but dag, it’s safari-ish or campaign-ish or sling-ish or whatever it’s called.

it’s canvas and the canvas is pretty darn dirty.

i’ll have to get my scrubbing gloves on.

it has a scandinavian feel, wouldn’t ya say?

to find this chair in a thrift store is a xmas miracle to me.

i was out in the back parking lot putting this thing in my car when an older employee came out and said, “ya know, that’s a fine looking chair.  it’s been in our store for a couple of months.  they told me to throw it in the garbage.  i’m glad someone bought it.”

i’m not sure if that made me happy or sad.  i would’ve loved to find this in the garbage, but then again, i didn’t pay much, it doesn’t have garbage residue on it (i.e. squirrel pee), and i wasn’t reduced to dumpster diving.

this pre-christmas week was very, very kind to me.  found a few other things but haven’t taken any pics yet.

could it be i’ve finally found everything i’ve wanted to thrift in my life?

could be.  but i doubt it.

2 Comments on “chair”

  1. Scandi or not.. it’s a great chair! What a way to end the year!

    I certainly know how you feel about thrifting and having found enough for a lifetime and maybe stopping… but I’m addicted. Though I have been going through a bit of a conscience quandary in terms of buying really high end items for pennies.

    … and on that note

    Happy holidays!

  2. Wow, I love it. What a great find! I’ve found that patience really really pays off…sometimes I wait months just searching but I feel like I always end up finding exactly what I was looking for. No settling!

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