a couple things…

first off, thrifting.

there is a vegan casserole in my near future. 

goodwill had a non-chipped piece of excellent cookware at a reasonable price. 

figgjo flint covered casserole in the astrid pattern.  made in norway.

secondly, movies.

rentals (not theater.  i’ve hardly been to the theater at all these last 12 months.)

first:  beginners

nice quiet movie with great style and thonet chairs. 

christopher plummer and chairs via elle decor

funny how ya thrift a couple thonet chairs and* boom* the next movie you get from netflix has a ton of thonet chairs. 

so i googled “beginners movie thonet” and found 2 articles mentioning the thonet chairs.  here from elle decor and here from dwell. 

i re-fell in love with ewan mcgregor and i positively love the gal who played his girlfriend, mélanie laurent.  she has fantastic messy bohemian parisian style and i wish i was her. 

also – me, not being much of a pet lover, FELL IN LOVE with arthur the dog (above middle and below right, obviously)

now that’s a dog i could love. 

second:  forks over knives

i saw a PBS movie critic call this movie the worst movie of 2011.  i couldn’t disagree more.  i simply loved it.  i love the message, which is eat a plant-based diet vs. an animal-based diet.  no meat, no dairy.   i loved the people profiled for the movie.  regular folk.  people you wouldn’t imagine eating plant-based diets.  firemen.  professional athletes.  oh i wish everyone in the world would see this movie, but the facts are – urging people to give up foods they love is a tough sell.  anyway, i’m glad i FINALLY got to see this movie.  from the date it was released on DVD (back in august) it was #1 on my queue and i finally got it from netflix only 4+ months later.  good job, netflix.


4 Comments on “a couple things…”

  1. Mid Mod Mom says:

    Thank you for your visit and comment to my blog. I am subscribed to yours and love all your finds. Talk about finding great things! Thanks for the movie recommendations.

  2. Found you via your comment on D*S a couple comments above mine. Love your blog, (that Ben Shahn poster- holy moley!) but I had to comment because I just did a post on “Beginners. I’m so in love with this sweet movie + the interiors! And of course, Ewan McGregor + I think I’m going to revisit “Inglorious Basterds” because of Mélanie Laurent

    • fries in a cone says:

      beginners had such a strange effect on me. i enjoyed it while watching, yet i found myself LOVING it moreso after it was over. it stayed in the forefront of my brain for days and i still think about it even now. ya know, i avoided inglorious basterds cuz brad pitt bugs the crap outta me, but maybe, maybe i’ll add it to the queue.

      RIGHT on the ben shahn???

  3. SixBalloons says:

    I found a Figgjo butter warmer in the Viking Tor pattern which I love – very similar to your great piece.. But it was chipped. Sigh.. I had to buy it anyway.

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