ok, the same high stress morning i found the danish side chair, my first stop actually was a tiny hole-in-the-wall thrift store that seems to be hit-or-miss, usually miss.  it’s where i found the ugly vera christmas tablecloth

ugh, every time i see this tablecloth i shake my head a little.  it just ain’t pretty.

so there’s this plastic bucket with some rolled up posters and they’re pretty beat up, small rips and tears, but one had a vintage wood mounting so i figured i’d take the time to unroll them and check ’em out. 

the wood mounted poster:

ok ok, a vintage lucerne, switzerland travel poster.  interesting. 

the second one i unrolled, i gasped a little. 

now, for the life of me, i can’t recall which cool home i’ve seen this in, but i remember seeing it somewhere and i also remember thinking, “where does one go about getting a print like that?”  and then you know, you forget about it.


until you UNROLL IT.

you unroll it when you’re so completely stressed out and it’s like instant prozac.

this might not excite many, but i was giddy.  a vintage ben shahn poster.  it’s on super-thick paper and yes, it’s a little beat-up, but COME ON! 


also – a vintage spanish bullfight poster. 


i get a little queazy over the whole sport of bullfighting, but this reminds me of a friend’s home from the 70s, so why not?  i grabbed it.  artwork by ballestar. (?)


my place is about to become VERY VERY 70s COOL. 

and then there’s this maurice utrillo poster, too. 

a gallery promotional poster?  whatever.  i love it.  this one is torn the most.

can you STAND it?  all these vintage posters landing in my little lap.  i don’t mind the rips and tears and water stains and holes.  gives ’em character and patina.  says me. 

ok, and not a poster, but also found this mod little square vase that day as well.  the label is torn but my guess is it’s made in japan.   

the criminally low-cost way to ease stress.  i’ve gotta say, i’ve had a couple bad years of thrifting.  not BAD bad, but not great.  and these past few weeks have been great.  there’s even more to come….


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