on the rocks

have ya ever been traveling to a destination where you can’t believe your lucky stars and you hit every traffic light green???!!!!  it’s like MAGIC.

i LOVE when that happens. 

well, the exact opposite happened to me the other day. 

i hit every red light.  EVERY ONE. 

AND had to stop for a school bus.  it became so ridiculous it was funny.  had i been in a hurry it probably wouldn’t have been funny. 

but there was a (small) pot of gold at the end of that red light rainbow. 

sister had a special request.  she lives a less “wanty” life than me.  lives with the bare minimum.  and i’m not exaggerating. 

she had been making old-fashioneds over the holidays (bourbon is the new vodka, after all) and didn’t have proper glassware.  hers were either too small or too tall.  she needed something “goldilocks just right.” 

“hey, could ya keep your eyes peeled for some rocks glasses in your thrifting travels?” 


i don’t pay too much attention to glassware, but i thought i may have found some iittala beauties, since i found another made-in-finland item in the store and a piece from norway.  perhaps a donation from the same home?  so i took a chance.     

anyway – turns out these are vintage iittala aslak rocks glasses.  there were seven of them.  nice.

(there were also three vintage kekkerik iittala water goblets i picked up as well.)

the other stuff was an arabia covered individual casserole. (?)  i can see using it to make hot artichoke dip.


and a figgjo flint wall plaque/trivet.

translates “there’s food in good drink.”  i couldn’t agree more.

and a rosenthal studio line mug.


this one’s marked “dresden.”  designed by kitty kahane. 

and THEN, just cuz i was on a ROLL, found a couple eva zeisel (RIP) stockholm rocks glasses to boot, in a whole ‘nuther store.  they’re plain and not quite as dramatic as the iittalas, but i’ll take ’em.

a pair on a pear.


One Comment on “on the rocks”

  1. Mid Mod Mom says:

    Don’t you love it when there are several things related? The glassware is great! I want a sister like you (no sisters) and that wall plaque? I live by that motto 🙂

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