thrift fail

i swore off buying mugs a couple years ago.  it was getting out of hand.  every now and again i’ll pick one up if it’s absolutely nothing i’ve seen over the years and there’s a coolness factor to it (much like that rosenthal studio-line dresden mug i just blogged about.) 

well, yesterday i saw such a mug.  a rose of england fine bone china mug with the cutest hand-painted drawings on it.  a london street scene. 

and i didn’t pay 10¢ or 25¢ or 50¢ TOPS like i normally do.  i was feeling RICH and paid TWO dollars for it. 

well, the f*ckin’ thing leaks. 

since when does a mug LEAK?  i’ve never heard of such a thing.  i poured my hot water into it this morning and it just leaked out all over the place. 

and i refused to believe it leaked so i did it again. 

and it still leaked.

(from taking these pics i can make out a hairline crack in the thing.  it’s so hard to see with the naked eye.)

looks like i’ve got myself a pencil holder.   

i also took a chance on a bowl that i thought could possibly be an eva zeisel and now i don’t think it is.  drat.  it’s still a fine looking curvy bowl, but i’m shallow.  i want it to have a designer label or i ain’t serving potatoes in it.  i’m a snob like that. no i’m not.

boy, this was one HECK of a week.  i thought i was having a STROKE this morning.  no lie.  a real live stroke.  my eyes went all kerflooey and kaleidoscope-like for 10 minutes or so.  scared the crap outta me.  but i’m still here.  not to mention i was a MAJAH PLAYAH in a crime scene at work.  solving, not committing.  i’m not giving out details but let’s just say i’m a hero and a man’s in jail.  for a long time. 

and what’s my reward?  a leaky f*ckin’ mug.


One Comment on “thrift fail”

  1. Yikes! Who donates a cracked mug to the thrift… anyhow, even if the bowl is not Zeisel I think it’s great. It looks incredibly similar to the double lug bowls by Russel Wright but it looks to be a bit thinner. It’s a possibility…

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