the artist

this is a goodwill half-priced thrifted hobo international perfectly worn-in beat up boho leather bag.  it’s the perfect size say, to hold a box of crackers, a log of brie and a teeny bottle of wine to take to the movies, if you’re the sordid sort of person who does that sordid sort of thing.

me and my bag went to a matinee and saw the artist and i’m probably the only one who didn’t LOVE it.  i went in wanting to love it, expecting to love it, craving to love it, but i just didn’t.  i appreciate it – how’s that?  i appreciate its uniqueness.  and style quality.  and the lead actors are gorgeous and definitely deserve oscar nominations.  but the storyline was a bit old-fashioned for me.  and i GET that it was supposed to be an old-fashioned storyline.  but actually sitting through an old-fashioned storyline is a whole ‘nuther story.   i found myself just wanting it to hurry up and get on with itself.  but OH THE DOG.  what is it with these amazing, adorable dogs who steal the show?  this movie features another jack russell terrier, the same type of dog in the movie beginners, with that same on-screen lovable appeal.  who AM i, doling out all this canine love?  i must be softening up in my old age.  

so, what’s my final word on the movie?  i’d say see it to see it so you can have conversations about what ya liked and what ya didn’t like.      

also –

wouldn’tcha say my safari/sling chair kinda sorta resembles this chair i found while flipping through my urban eco-chic book

i want that apartment.

it’s the closest thing i could find to the style of mine.  the canvas on mine actually cleaned up amazingly well.  i surprised myself.  not only in getting it clean but in reassembly of the chair.  t’weren’t easy stretching that fabric back on, but i reigned supreme and conquered.   CHAIR VICTORY. 

thrifted another mug that doesn’t leak.

schramberg germany pottery.

and now i must stop again with the mugs.  no more!

this is a wood burned piece of art from poland that i happen to love, about the size of a sheet of paper.


not sure if it’s new or old, but i’m guessing old(ish).  it’s stamped on the back and i’m pretty sure the artist’s name is z. klosinski. 

could this be a relative of the famed polish cinematographer edward klosinski?  because i’m sure there are no other families in poland named klosinski.  who knows?  but that’s the fabricated story i’ll be telling people to impress ’em. 

january proved me completely wrong where work was concerned.  i assumed i’d have no work.  i think i worked more days this month than any other.  not a ton of hours but just enough to screw up my plans for organization.  so organization and tidy-time will have to wait for february.


4 Comments on “the artist”

  1. I have a large Coach “bucket” bag to sneak in movie watching treats. Last time I went was with a group of friends after eating at a Thai restaurant and we all bought these awesome coconut drinks in glass bottles. Clink-clnk-clink. I had to rearrange the other contents to prevent them from hitting each other + to quiet my purse.

    “And now, somewhat arbitrarily, you’re considered very cute by us humans… and we put you in television shows and movies…”

    Yeah, had to pass by the coffee mugs on a thrift store visit this weekend. Reign it in is what I have to tell myself.

    • fries in a cone says:

      one must always keep koozies on hand (in the car, in the purse, etc.) for when such an occasion as yours arises to prevent the dreaded bottle clinking. i have so much wisdom i need to spread.

      my lesson was learned when i accidentally kicked an empty beer bottle over in the theater and it rolled and it rolled and it rolled on cement floors. and ironically (or would it be coincidentally?) it was during the 1994 meg ryan alcoholic movie “when a man loves a woman.”

      it doesn’t get much classier.

  2. SixBalloons says:

    I’m lovin that apartment too – it’s those wide plank wood floors that reeled me in but the chair certainly helped too. Swoon.

    • fries in a cone says:

      i’m probably gonna jinx myself but i am looking at a house w/wide plank wood floors while currently saying daily affirmations “the house IS mine, the wide planked floors house IS mine.”

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