more roundness

given the choice between working and not working, work vs. unemployment, i fall on the side of preferring unemployment.  i just had more fun.

man, i’ve been busy at work. and not a fun busy.  a stressed out busy.   i’m tired, i’m sore, i’m cranky, i’m no fun. 

complain complain complain.  i work with a bunch of complainers.  complainers will suck you dry.  so i try my best not to complain while i’m at work.  i save my complaining for you lucky people.    

so enough of that. 

i managed to complete another round pillow on my day off.  i finished the pillowtop itself months ago, yet didn’t have the proper fabric to back it.   a quick trip to a thrift store a couple weeks ago netted me a vintage fabric remnant that would work so i had no excuses.  i had to finish it. 


i’m not even sure this is my style anymore.   good lord, i’m fickle. 

these colors are more springy and rumor has it spring is around the corner. 

not only are my style tastes fickle, the weather has been fickle.  when the weather folks call for a half foot of snow, we get ZERO.  when they call for a wintry mix with mostly rain, we get 5″ of snow.  the weather dudes are having an off season, i tell ya. 

and i guess if i’m talking round, i’ll throw in this 70s pop art takahashi tray thrifted a couple weeks ago. 

so, the academy awards are tomorrow night and i’ve seen a fair amount of the contenders and i’m just not excited.  all i know is bridesmaids better win for something.  it was seriously the most fun i had at the theater this year and there may have been one scene in particular i related to that had me spitting laughing.  and also because of jill clayburgh.  i was always a jill clayburgh fan and i think this was her last film role and when i went to see the movie i wasn’t aware she was cast in it.  it was a good surprise. 

i expect to be konked out solid by the time the oscars air.   too much massage too many days in a row is like a 1-2 body punch for me these days.  TKO.  i am down for the count.


this sailor dude needed a boat.

so i found him a rust bucket at goodwill.


signed by demott and obviously not in the best condition.  but what’s my motto?

good enough.

sloop, there it is.


i’ve got a case of the winter boreds.  or the winter lazies.  or the february ruts.  hitting the mid-winter wall.  something. 

i’m still thrifting, but i’m too lazy to take photos.  and nothing i’ve bought has been too earth-shatteringly awesome.

it’s fashion week in NYC this week.

so in honor of that, here’s me modeling a couple hippie earth-toned thrifted sweaters.

my ghetto version of fashion week.  

(i’m also wearing some $3 mia clogs i found in the summer right after i said i wanted some like julianne moore was wearing in crazy, stupid, love.  another case where you declare you want something and *poof* it magically appears.  in your size!!!  now these of course aren’t nearly as cool as julianne moore’s, but good enough for me, i say.) 

made in scotland.  c.n. macauslan and co.  100% wool.  it reminds me of my diamond flokati rug.  i’m diving into this 70s look headfirst, i tell ya.  70s clothing, 70s decor. 

here i’m pumping my jeep’s tires full of air for tomorrow’s pending snowstorm (it’s the only time i drive the ol’ jeep, when there’s snow.)  we’ve been SO LUCKY this winter.  temps have been so warm, i’ve barely worn a winter coat AT ALL.  just a good heavy sweater is all i’ve needed.  it’s been heavenly. 

but tomorrow’s another story and i’ll be needing my jeep’s 4WD and something heavier than a sweater.

action shot, although i wasn’t able to capture the foot pump in the photo.  it’s my secret to slim legs.  have a tire with a slow leak so you always have to pump her up.  a terrific leg workout. 

another hippie 70s sweater:

vintage clipper mist “knitwear of distinction” zipped cardigan.

also wearing last year’s thrifted michael kors wedge shoes.

and that concludes the ghetto fashion show.

more earthtone:

is this stoneware designs west? 

the pattern looks similar to some other vases i own, but this glaze is more shiny.

(like that one on the left)  

i prefer a matte finish but that pitcher and tumblers were all dirt cheap and had that 70s look i’m liking, so i grabbed them.

and that’s about all i’ve got.

damn, that was a boring post.  i’ve got to hire some new writers.