first came the DIY ombre hair.

now i DIY’ed an ombre shirt.  or dip-dye, if you will. 

the OCD in me sees ombre curtains, ombre pillows, dip-dyed tablecloths and napkins and paint dipped furniture legs in my future. 

and then i will be sick of everything, cuz that’s how it works.

(i kinda sorta followed these instructions here.  there are good tips to follow so you don’t ruin your shirt first go-around.)


honestly, i will find any distraction not to pack.

i was flipping through an 80s decorating book and it fascinates me how decor trends ebb and flow and re-become popular. 

there are so many photos where most decor choices are spot on for today.

from the 1981 better homes and gardens new decorating book:

i’d take everything in the photo below.  the painted brick wall, the fireplace, the hans wegner peacock windsor chairs, the coffee table.

the michelob.

the sofa.  the pillows.  heck, i’d take a red duck.

kilim pillows, the rug, the cacti, that groovy red reading lamp.

blue safari chair.

blue eating area.

ok, that’s a whole lotta blue but i still kinda love it.

another crazy dining area i could live with today.

big artwork and some macrame plant holders and some crazy pillow action.

more macrame.  this time on a window. 

i could crank one of these babies out in a weekend with my mad macrame skills.

wood walls, danish rya rug and canvas sling chair.

danish kitchen with hans agne jakobsson lamp similar to mine (ish).

an over-the-top too theme-y southwestern room, but i like some of the elements, like the bookshelves and chairs and rustic box coffee table.

oh and hey now, ben shahn poster.

the poster is the ONLY thing i like in this room.  i hope the “stuffed red chair plushie hanging from the ceiling” look never makes a comeback.

ok, back to packing.

p.s. the sound of packing tape coming off the roll is annoying.

mondo grande coffee

found another mason storage jar.

this time i got “coffee.”

and it’s huge. 

yes, i realize it’s yet another thing to pack. 

stop with your judgement.



ain’t no easy way to repot a cactus.


via 2modern

it was 7:30 AM.  i went outdoors to access the basement where the washer and dryer for my apartment house are kept.

just another typical quiet sunday morning in the ‘hood.

and then i went outdoors again at 8:00 to throw the clothes in the dryer.

and then i went outdoors again at 9:00 to retrieve my clean, dry clothes.

but this time, this time something was different.

hey now.

what’s that?

what the what?!?!?!

what’s that there on the sidewalk outta nowhere allasudden?

that shape. 

those shapes.

it doesn’t make sense.

is that three knoll/saarinen executive armchair bodies just sitting there curbside for the trash dudes to pick up? 

in this ‘hood???

i had to have a closer look. 

yup.  sho’ nuff. 

no legs though.  no stinkin’ legs. 

so i rushed back into the house and hopped online to see if replacement legs were easily available.  i couldn’t find anything. 

i kept checking out my window to see if they were still there. 

they were.

after much internet searching, i came to the conclusion i didn’t need chair bodies with no legs, didn’t need to wash some more cushions, didn’t need another project, and besides, i already own one and how many knoll/saarinen executive office chairs does one gal need?



and so i made peace with myself and drove off to work leaving the saarinens behind.  i was so proud of myself.  i was FIGHTING THE HOARDER and i was winning!!!

it’s what you guys would’ve done, right?


so, i get home from a grueling day of hard labor, drive ’round the corner and peek to see if the chair bodies were still there.  they were. 

but this time, this time something was different.

what’s that next to the chairs???


ohhhhhhhh, MAN.

i had to take them.  i had to.  also, there was yet another chair body to join them.  one is missing the seat cushion.  i took ’em all. 

i knocked on the owner’s house first to see if animals had peed on them or if perchance they were loaded with bugs.  there was no answer.  i smelled them.  no distinguishing bad odors. 

i spent the rest of the evening vacuuming the chair bodies and cushions.  they’re not in bad shape, really.  i have a friend who owns a handheld portable steamer/cleaner.  should be fresh as daisies when i’m through with them. 

in conclusion, i’m pretty sure i’m a hoarder. 

(but i can see me craigslisting them.)


(but i probably will cuz truth be told, these don’t happen to be my favorite mid-century chair design.  i like ’em, but i don’t love ’em.  it’s just so hard for me to let something like that get chucked in a dump.)

pack rat

what is the worst thing for a hoarder and a procrastinator? 

i’ll tell ya. 

it’s moving. packing. ugh.

i’m considering a move.

i’ve never been one for inspirational quotes or motivational quotes or posters with motivational quotes or whatever. in fact they bug me. unless they make me laugh. but sometimes you happen upon something that sticks in your craw. and part of this was a craw sticker. 

“if you do not move forward, you’ll always be in the same place.”

and that’s me, folks.

deep, right?

i am stuck. 

i am oh so stuck. and i KNOW changes need to be made. i know for a fact i cannot stay in this job where i am currently. it’s killing me. mentally and physically. mostly mentally. 

and i know i can’t keep living in a ghetto my entire life.

so i’m quietly planning an escape. 

and that means packing. and i’ve got a LOT of stuff. 

so i’ll be taking a time-out for a while so i can pack.

in addition to packing and moving, i’ve got weddings and graduations (out of state) to attend. and a first aid/CPR course to take so i can get my massage license in another state. i’m gonna be a’busy. 

and the kicker is, i don’t really have a solid plan. i have a quasi-plan. and that half-baked plan changes pretty much daily. 

but man, i gotta do something

so look for me to start posting again sometime at the end of may-ish/june-ish if the move doesn’t kill me.

(all those coffee mugs in top photo are now packed away…it’s a start…)

(and that other photo is me wearing a thrifted woolrich nordic snowflake sweater.)

i will certainly miss the thrifting in these parts. i am centrally located to some pretty good stores now. where i’m going, who knows?  if there’s no thrifting action where i land, there will always be garage sales, right?  and like i’ve mentioned before, i don’t really need anything.   at all.

and so til we meet again, i’ll be up to my eyeballs in newspaper and bubblewrap. catch ya later….

what in tarnation…

is this?

toy?  joy? 

i used to work with a japanese woman.  that would’ve come in handy today for translation purposes.  ah well, woulda coulda shoulda don’t.    

i say it’s a japanese pedestal stoneware vase.

and i think vintage.

anyway, i bought it.

it’s beefy, 9″ tall, ’twas cheap(!), not cracked or chipped(!), and it’s some kinda pottery/ceramic dealio.  looks good on a shelf.

and then there’s this thing.

it’s a shawl/poncho/wrap/scarf that can serve double duty as a blanket or a rug in a pinch. 

made in portugal.

again, it has me walking that fine line between cool and homeless hobo.


i’m trying to channel clint.

i’ve got the scowl down pat.

i totally need a hat, a ciggie and some facial hair. 

here’s a couple thrifted items i can identify.

this is a belt.

and these are a couple small enamel dishes.

in organic wine news, i did not have a headache today and i may have had more than one glass of wine last night.  and on that note, it’s happy hour….


am i the last person to know about these snacks?  we just got them in my ghetto grocery store and i am IN LOVE with them and i am IN LOVE with the inventor.  i thank the heavens above for folks who also avoid the corn, who want a healthy snack and then actually go about creating one.  i have the utmost respect for innovators.  what i wouldn’t give for that innovator gene. 



they’re the best snack ever invented. 

i tell you people, i have been off the chips since i declared myself off the chips.  don’t get me wrong, i’m still eating a tasty rice cracker every now and again.  (oxymoron?  tasty rice cracker?)  but these, these are more CHIP-like.  and i approve. 

now, the jury is still out on my latest box of wine experiment.  i was feeling rich and worthy of a box of organic wine after many many agonizing hours of work, and it was a new product in my neighborhood liquor store, so i splurged – our daily red.  besides, the name kills me. 

the problem is, i can’t decide if my body is just rejecting the notion of organic wine because it’s so darn used to cheap booze or WHAT.  but two days in a row of drinking ONLY ONE glass of this organic boxed wine, i’ve awoken with a headache.  i don’t get it.  is this wine mocking me?  is this wine saying, “who do you think you are drinking organic wine allasudden, you poser?!”  to be honest, i miss my little pour spout on the non-organic box.  but of course, i’ll suffer through this chicken stock box of upper crust vino.  headaches be damned! 

also – i’m still eating the cheese.  sometimes i just can’t resist the siren song of the honey goat cheese. so much for wearing my vegan badge proudly. 

today’s favorite snack – honey goat cheese with avocado on a beanito with some daily red.  life is grand.  a day off, some good snackin’, a little thrifting (more later) and some netflix boardwalk empire.  who has a better life than me?  no-one.  everyone.  whatever.  i love my mediocre life. 


some recent acquisitions:

10″ x 24″ wooden horse silhouettes plaque.

the back is stamped but i can’t make anything out, save for the price, $65-

i paid 3/65th of that price. 

15″ square framed vintage needlepoint tapestry.

it plays tricks on my eyes.

kilim and leather boots.  they kick butt.

unfortunately i’ve got a chubby homeless hobo look working for me here.  but the boots still kick hobo butt.