pack rat

what is the worst thing for a hoarder and a procrastinator? 

i’ll tell ya. 

it’s moving. packing. ugh.

i’m considering a move.

i’ve never been one for inspirational quotes or motivational quotes or posters with motivational quotes or whatever. in fact they bug me. unless they make me laugh. but sometimes you happen upon something that sticks in your craw. and part of this was a craw sticker. 

“if you do not move forward, you’ll always be in the same place.”

and that’s me, folks.

deep, right?

i am stuck. 

i am oh so stuck. and i KNOW changes need to be made. i know for a fact i cannot stay in this job where i am currently. it’s killing me. mentally and physically. mostly mentally. 

and i know i can’t keep living in a ghetto my entire life.

so i’m quietly planning an escape. 

and that means packing. and i’ve got a LOT of stuff. 

so i’ll be taking a time-out for a while so i can pack.

in addition to packing and moving, i’ve got weddings and graduations (out of state) to attend. and a first aid/CPR course to take so i can get my massage license in another state. i’m gonna be a’busy. 

and the kicker is, i don’t really have a solid plan. i have a quasi-plan. and that half-baked plan changes pretty much daily. 

but man, i gotta do something

so look for me to start posting again sometime at the end of may-ish/june-ish if the move doesn’t kill me.

(all those coffee mugs in top photo are now packed away…it’s a start…)

(and that other photo is me wearing a thrifted woolrich nordic snowflake sweater.)

i will certainly miss the thrifting in these parts. i am centrally located to some pretty good stores now. where i’m going, who knows?  if there’s no thrifting action where i land, there will always be garage sales, right?  and like i’ve mentioned before, i don’t really need anything.   at all.

and so til we meet again, i’ll be up to my eyeballs in newspaper and bubblewrap. catch ya later….


6 Comments on “pack rat”

  1. oh boy… that’s a dreadful fear of mine. Godspeed and hope to have you back soonish. Love the quote btw. and am going to steal it because I’ve gotten some lemons as of late.

  2. erika says:

    Good luck to you! Remember, you might move and it might be a pain in the ass, but maybe just maybe you are going to get There and wherever There is going to be Totally Awesome! And maybe There will have a lot more storage space 😉 And probably on the way to There, you will have to go through every single thing that you own and decide to let go of the mediocre – only save the best – or the very good and the best – or the good, the very good, and the best, you know what I mean. I think you’re going to love it There. And maybe you’ll even make some sweet moola selling some of the “just OK, bought it for a steal” stuff along your way. 🙂

    • fries in a cone says:

      mediocre? how dare you.


      • erika says:

        You’re right, you’re right. Mediocre was not a carefully selected word. I just mean, that at least for me, sometimes I pick up things in the thrift store because they are amusing for a few months or the deal was too good to pass up, not true keepers, you know? And a move is a perfect time to just let them go back to the thrift store. But again, you’re right. How inconsiderate of me to say that you might have picked up some mediocre things – I mean, I LOVE coming to your blog to view all of your treasures, it’s not like you to pick up mediocre 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    I’ll miss you! (And what SHE up there said) lol`

  4. fries in a cone says:

    thanks, guys. i’m no stranger to moving. in fact, i’ve probably moved more than any adult should ever move in a lifetime. what’s the average times an american moves? 11.7 times? that’s over a lifetime. as an adult i’ve moved 30 times. it’s ridiculous. i’ve slowed down these past 10 years, however. i guess that’s typical. but i’m growing antsy. and besides, i miss the sweet sweet sound of packing tape. NOT. boy, that’s one annoying noise.

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