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it was 7:30 AM.  i went outdoors to access the basement where the washer and dryer for my apartment house are kept.

just another typical quiet sunday morning in the ‘hood.

and then i went outdoors again at 8:00 to throw the clothes in the dryer.

and then i went outdoors again at 9:00 to retrieve my clean, dry clothes.

but this time, this time something was different.

hey now.

what’s that?

what the what?!?!?!

what’s that there on the sidewalk outta nowhere allasudden?

that shape. 

those shapes.

it doesn’t make sense.

is that three knoll/saarinen executive armchair bodies just sitting there curbside for the trash dudes to pick up? 

in this ‘hood???

i had to have a closer look. 

yup.  sho’ nuff. 

no legs though.  no stinkin’ legs. 

so i rushed back into the house and hopped online to see if replacement legs were easily available.  i couldn’t find anything. 

i kept checking out my window to see if they were still there. 

they were.

after much internet searching, i came to the conclusion i didn’t need chair bodies with no legs, didn’t need to wash some more cushions, didn’t need another project, and besides, i already own one and how many knoll/saarinen executive office chairs does one gal need?



and so i made peace with myself and drove off to work leaving the saarinens behind.  i was so proud of myself.  i was FIGHTING THE HOARDER and i was winning!!!

it’s what you guys would’ve done, right?


so, i get home from a grueling day of hard labor, drive ’round the corner and peek to see if the chair bodies were still there.  they were. 

but this time, this time something was different.

what’s that next to the chairs???


ohhhhhhhh, MAN.

i had to take them.  i had to.  also, there was yet another chair body to join them.  one is missing the seat cushion.  i took ’em all. 

i knocked on the owner’s house first to see if animals had peed on them or if perchance they were loaded with bugs.  there was no answer.  i smelled them.  no distinguishing bad odors. 

i spent the rest of the evening vacuuming the chair bodies and cushions.  they’re not in bad shape, really.  i have a friend who owns a handheld portable steamer/cleaner.  should be fresh as daisies when i’m through with them. 

in conclusion, i’m pretty sure i’m a hoarder. 

(but i can see me craigslisting them.)


(but i probably will cuz truth be told, these don’t happen to be my favorite mid-century chair design.  i like ’em, but i don’t love ’em.  it’s just so hard for me to let something like that get chucked in a dump.)


5 Comments on “knoll”

  1. Hey now, you can’t beat free! Craigslist them away and treat yourself to something ahmazing!

  2. katsmama says:

    it was just meant to be…

  3. amy says:

    amazing find! i’d love to get my hands on 1 or 2 of those. i wonder how much shipping would be…?

  4. Natalie says:

    Wow! What a fun find, I’m glad you nabbed ’em 🙂 Can’t believe they were still there AND the legs later!

  5. Stacey@agoodehouse says:

    ” it’s just so hard for me to let something like that get chucked in a dump”. That says it all…
    I feel the same way and just found a Knoll credenza that I don’t NEED but couldn’t bare the thought of it in pieces in a ditch. Love that you rescued them…whatever you do with them.
    Good story.

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