wedding card

ok, so who’s with me? 

who else doesn’t like the traditional store-bought wedding card?

i’ve got a wedding to attend and the couple is COOL.  with cool friends.  they’re new yorkers, for cryin’ out loud.  ya can’t just show up with the CVS “good luck on your journey” card now, can you?

no, you can’t.

i saw this clothespin

very very very very very very very cute.

and simple.

i like simple.

so i painted one.

and attached it to some neon card stock.

along with my sincere wishes for a long, happy marriage inside. 


hung and fresh. 

how i like my grooms laundry.

clothespin humor. 

life’s a bleach and then you dry.

hallmark….call me….


thank GOODNESS i found a chipped veneer vintage molded wood chair missing two of its chair foot gliders because i’m not sure i own enough places to sit my ass. 

mini skirt pantyhose wearing broads BEWARE!  SIT AT YOUR OWN RISK!  same with you long sweater wearers!  this be SNAG CENTRAL.

was it the super-sized lunchtime margarita at the local mexican restaurant that compromised my superhero non-hoarder willpower and allowed me to fork over six clams for this unmarked vintage less-than-perfect chair thing?  i think yes. 


i need to look at the glass half-full.  it actually HAS two chair foot gliders, rather than it’s missing two gliders.

yes indeed, another chair that i will never sit and watch an entire movie on.


one buck for less than a buck.

not any old ordinary buck.

a 3D buck.

a 3D buck postcard mounted on fake wood paneling.

keepin’ it classy and keepin’ it highbrow around here, always.