this week’s cocktail is a version of last week’s blueberry french 75, only it’s made with fresh raspberries and lime juice (instead of blueberries and lemon juice.)

1/2 fresh squeezed lime

1 oz gin

6 raspberries

a little sugar

prosecco or cava or champagne

muddle the raspberries and sugar in a shaker.  add the gin and lime juice.  throw a few ice cubes in to chill and shake gently.  strain into a cocktail glass and top with your choice of bubbly (i used prosecco.)  makes 1.  and i’m tellin’ ya, one knocks me for a loop.

i went to the sundays only flea market this past weekend for inspiration purposes, as i have been uninspired as of late.  i haven’t crafted anything in what seems like forEVER.  unfortunately, i didn’t get much inspiration.  i did, however, find a set of two handmade vintage curtain panels with one valance in a great black and white and gray triangles fabric for $3. 

i bought them for the fabric only, but i’ll be darned, one panel happens to fit my back door, so i hung it.

why are you hanging curtains when you’re supposed to be packing up and moving, you ask?  cuz i’m an idiot.

i also bought these:

they’re a tad danish-y and a tad teak-y, but then again, somethin’ ain’t quite right about them, either.



the price was right.

the sun has finally come out after a week of blech.  i’ll be fighting the paparazzi glare with my flea market 70s foster grants.  they’re GIGANTIC. and PERFECT. 


memorial day weekend = half-price sales at thrift stores. 

so i went back and got the threadbare, worn kilim pillow i had left behind when i bought my first one.  i soaked it overnight but it still looks dirty.  i’m nuthin’ but a dirty hippie now. 

speaking of hippie, shoot me now cuz i also got a small kilim bird purse.  i must’ve bought 100 pocketbooks in the past month or so. 

ok, well, 4. 

but i could’ve bought 100.  i’m the lady in the thrift store talking to herself saying, “no no no no no you don’t need this.”

sometimes i listen to the voices, sometimes i don’t. 

these are instances when i didn’t listen. 

at first i thought that “H” one could’ve been a vintage hermes bag from the 70s.  it isn’t. 

but if people ask, i will say, “yes, yes, as a matter of fact it IS an hermes.”

cuz a status bag is IMPORTANT. 

no it’s not. 

also – posters.

more effin’ posters

the one i like best cuz it’s a lion and i’m a leo is ripped and has mold on it.  yup, breathing hazards and less than perfect condition will not stop me from buying 70s polish art posters.  mold schmold. 

in better condition is the all-too-familiar “why do i buy cat stuff when i can’t stand cats” poster. 

say it with me. 


which in my world translates to practically free.

and also it’s just kinda awesome.   

and yet a little scary.  perhaps the stuff of nightmares. 

these are cyrk posters by hubert hilscher.  cyrk mean circus.  i’m brilliant like that. 

and let me also admit this.  who do i think i am calling myself a pro at thrifting?  i thought i would brave the crowds at goodwill this morning before work cuz it was half-price off everything in the store and i had my eyes on a pair of jeans i wanted to distress and a couple tee shirts and an 18″ x 24″ empty frame that would be perfect for my newly matted screenprint thrifted last year.  so i was right there at 9 AM.  trouble is, they opened at 8 AM.  the place was a mob scene.  i felt like such a rookie.  ashamed, i am.  the frame was gone, darn it, but everything else was there, along with this enamel ladle in size huge that i didn’t own yet and am not sure how i’ve lived life this long without. 

for size comparison:

also –

since it’s the kickoff to summer unofficially, i officially looked for a new (to me) summer cocktail to try and i found this one.  a blueberry french 75. 

fresh blueberries, fresh squeezed lemon juice, gin and champagne. 

lemme say for the record – it might look girlie, but it packs a WALLOP.  not for the faint of heart.  i think i was buzzed on one sip. but i have to say, i’m pretty sure this is going in the ol’ cocktail rotation, with or without blueberries.  plus i feel pretty sophisticated saying i’m drinking a french 75 and as we all know, the meaning of life is all about fake sophistication.

click here for recipe.

checking in

i’m still here.

i’m still making simple crafts.

i’m still making the occasional cocktail.

i’ve graduated to a more sophisticated margarita.  don’t hate me cuz i’m sophisticated.

i read where you’re not supposed to add orange liqueur (triple sec, cointreau, etc.) to a margarita.  and actually, the owner of an authentic mexican restaurant told me a purist wouldn’t add anything to a good tequila (oh, you americans!), but i’m not that sophisticated yet.

here’s my recipe now for a basic margarita:

1 oz fresh lime juice (half a lime)

1/2 oz agave nectar

1/2 oz water

2 oz 100% blue agave silver tequila (blanco)

put all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake shake shake, strain into a chilled vintage cocktail glass and serve on a handmade patchwork coaster.  cuz it’s better that way.  and i salt my rim.  cuz it’s better that way.

and i found a new-to-me wheat-free snack that i can’t be sure doesn’t have cancer-causing acrylamides, but every now and then you have to take a chance on a snack that isn’t a baby carrot.  pretzels made the acrylamide list, but is this an actual pretzel?  mary’s sticks and twigs.  it’s just so hard to know what to eat these days.  for now, i’ll say the once-in-awhile stick and twig is OK.

i took a 2 day confidence workshop hoping to amp up the confidence as i repeatedly get turned down for jobs.  can you imagine?  people don’t want to hire this chick who handcrafts awesome potholders that double as coasters who makes her own delectable cocktails from scratch that are almost good for you.  apparently these aren’t skills employers want in a massage therapist.

a glass of health

made with organic blueberries…..

this glass packs a wallop of vitamin C, fiber, manganese (not to be confused with mandarin chinese), and antioxidants.

a virtual glass of health.

except for the tequila.

yah, this is a blueberry margarita.  i was feeling adventurous.

made with organic blueberries, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, a splash of pineapple coconut juice and tequila.

i wish i could say i loved it.  i don’t.

sometimes it’s best not to screw with mother nature and her beautiful blueberries.

coco de mayo

it’s cinco de mayo.

i’m celebrating with a coconut margarita, complete with a toasted coconut rim, toasted by yours truly.

that’s right.  i toasted coconut.

and didn’t burn it.

recipe here.

peaceful hike

i got my peaceful, non-police sirened walk in this past saturday.

and had a nice reward afterwards.

as far as crafting some funny ornaments, well, uh, it’s quite possible they’re only funny to me. 

i only made a couple.  and they’re not very christmas-y.  but there is a string in their heads which makes them official ornaments.  put a looped string on anything, it’s an ornament.  that’s my motto. 

not matt lauer with hair.

not christopher meloni.

and then there’s this:

not dennis miller.

and not a chubby jesus.

not glen campbell with a beard.

put ’em together and it becomes quite obvious.

well, of course, it’s mike and frank/frank and mike from american pickers.  duh. 

use your imagination now.

(this post may have been premature.  i’ve still got to make danielle.)

i rilly gotta get a job.

so, it’s fall

it’s fall and i’ve been fall cleaning.  kinda like spring cleaning, but i’m a procrastinator and it takes me 6 months to do anything.

and cleaning isn’t very interesting, so i haven’t got anything interesting to post.

(the photos above are me being fall-like heating up apple cider, even though the temps have warmed back to summerlike.  if there’s cider in the house, then i’m drinkin’ my fiber, hot temps and all.)

i changed my bed linens from this:

to this: 

i told you. 

not exciting.

yup, i’ve got the recently thrifted vera sheets on the bed (i insisted the maid wash ’em twice due to bed bug fear.) 

and my poor little table i worked so hard to refinish last summer?  it’s teak and i thought teak was good for outdoor furniture.  could withstand the elements.  i used it on my porch to house my potted herbs this summer. 

turns out it didn’t fair so well in the few torrential downpours we had.  i had to resand the entire thing (just a light sanding) to remove rust rings and watermarks and then re-oil.  and reglue the underside where some veneer was coming unglued.  oops.  i’ve got to start taking better care of my little gems i’ve found along the way.  in my recent trips to the thrift stores, the pickin’s have been slim.  there doesn’t seem to be anything good out there anymore.    not sure if it’s cuz i already own everything i could possibly want or what.  no, that’s not it – i remember good danish stuff popping up all over the place.  now i can’t even find a coffee cup that excites me.  or a cocktail glass.  not that i need any of that stuff.  i don’t.  it’s just not there anymore. 

but the point is, the table’s lustre and shine have returned and it is back to being an indoor table. 

a bottle of prosecco fell off the fridge door and landed squarely on my middle toe and it HURT.  and it drew blood and then i walked across my flokati rug and flokati rug hairs got all in it and it was gross.  lucky me, i had a bottle of prosecco to ease the pain caused by the bottle of prosecco.

prosecco with a splash of cranberry 

cleaning, sanding, and pain.  that about sums up my week. 

the dullest post of all time.   but i warned you.

hunkerin’ down

if it’s not a heatwave, it’s a hurricane.


i’m truly looking forward to some middle-of-the-road comfortable weather, not too hot, not too sticky, not too rainy, not too windy, just sunny and warm and pleasant without the humidity.  and i even like sultry and oppressive on occasion.  but DAY after DAY after DAY after DAY after DAY just rots my brain.  i need some “just right” stuff. 

but first – we’ve got earl to deal with.  he’s breathing down our necks and not in a good way. 

so, i’m hunkering down.  and by hunkering down i mean i’m well-stocked with limes for fresh margarita-making to ride this storm out.  10 limes/$2.  good deal. 

and also by hunkering down i’m netflixing the first season of “hung.”  it is so nice to see a man in his 40s with a non-casino body.  in fact, it is HEAVEN. 

thomas jane as ray drecker in “hung”

i need a cigarette.

and i don’t smoke.

margs and one handsome tv dude.  i’m prepared for this storm.

unless the power goes out.  then i’ve just got warm margs and darkness.  and that’s just sad.

in non-preparedness news, my jeep leaks like a mutha.  rain + heat + wet carpet flooring always makes for an interesting smell inside the jeep.  i suppose i need a tarp for it.  a cover of some sort.  great.  i’ll put it on my list of needs.  right after “job” and “boyfriend.”

stay dry.  or should i say, stay outta the rain.


tequila is my friend.

picked up this book over the winter at tj maxx.  yes, i was weak and succumbed to retail store impulse-buy tactics when i spotted this book while waiting in line.  i liked the pretty pictures.

the tejito.  same as a mojito, only made with tequila instead of rum.

and did you know tequila is NOT made from a cactus?  i did not know this.  it is made from the agave plant, which is a desert succulent and belongs to the lily family, despite it having thorns like a cactus.  so folks, that is your lesson of the day, something to throw around casually at your next dinner party (unless of course everyone already knows this and i’m the only one who’s been left in the dark.)  also – this info may help you out if you’re a contestant on the game show “jeopardy” and you have a question in “potent potables.”  remember:  agave is not a cactus.

raspberry-meyer lemonade with tequila.   i have no idea what a meyer lemon is, but apparently it makes for a fine cocktail.

tequila-grapefruit soda.  man.  all of these look so good to me, especially with this warm weather we’ve been having.

due to food allergies, most of the food recipes i can’t eat, but some i can have with modifications.

this looks delicious to me.  bacon-wrapped monkfish with tequila and chives.  again – i wouldn’t know a monkfish if it slapped me in the face, but i can practically smell this.  and taste it. 

so – i used some fresh mint from my fresh herb garden extraordinaire and made a tejito for myself.

i do good work.

here’s a close-up of the recipe:

it seems all the drinks i’ve pictured contain sugar.  now, i don’t normally go for sugar in a drink.  that stuff rots your teeth.  not to mention i’m in a 2 month countdown to *50* and i don’t need the extra calories.  and no-one out there needs to remind me booze is sugar.  it’s not.  it’s booze.

i only drank one and it was darn good.  i can see how one could lead to two, but i’m strong like that.  (ok well, truth is i ran out of ice cubes.)

and btw, i can’t believe i’ve never had a potted herb garden before.  i love having herbs “at the ready”  and have pretty much exhausted my cilantro supply.  the only thing i haven’t used is the parsley.  i haven’t felt the need to garnish my evening bowl of chips.


back from a little roadtrip to maine to visit the fam. 

weather was spectacular for hiking.

the creativity continued to flow.  and by creativity, i mean tequila.  margaritas were consumed, white sangria was concocted, and more felt flower corsages from “not martha” were made. 

a pink felt flower dahlia:

sister dressing up her overalls in the pink version of the dahlia brooch.

and a light purplish one i’ll probably wear to a wedding this weekend.

drinking and dahlias, booze and brooches, cocktails and creativity.  my kinda day(s.)  i’m such an overachiever.