kale in a cone

i’m off the fries.

i’m off the chips.

so much for my blog(s) name(s).  ah well.

(i might have to change my blog banner picture to skinny mashed potatoes in a cone.)

in an effort to better understand food and nutrition and health and to avoid cancer at all costs, i’ve been googling a LOT lately.  best foods to eat.  worst foods to eat.  absolute worst foods to eat.  what are the top 10 worst foods EVER in the history of the WORLD?  there are several lists out there, but potato chips and french fries make just about everyone’s lists.  i always thought they were considered unhealthy due to the fact they were fried and anything fried = fat.  but it’s still a vegetable, meaning there had to be some underlying goodness in there somewhere, right?


so, apparently it’s not the fat and calories.  it’s the acrylamides.  acrylamides are cancer causing carcinogens formed when potatoes are cooked (and browned) at a high temperature.  what?  not even baking (and browning) fries in the oven (which i did at home) is safe.  oh man.  this news was a big fat bummer. and it’s not even current news. it’s almost 10 years old!!! arrrrrghhh, i get so mad when i don’t know this sort of information. (it’s still OK to boil a potato or to bake a potato whole.  so i still eat potatoes, just not in snack form.)

but now i know and now i’m done with fries.  so as a snack i’ve been making kale chips.  they’re kind of addicting.

i’m not sure they make for a very pretty picture.

kale in a cone.

(ok, kale in an upside down birthday hat.)

there are loads of recipes online.  i pretty much just bought a bunch of kale, picked off leaves, washed ’em up good, dried ’em up good, tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil and sea salt and baked them @ 275° for 20 mins or so til crisp, flipping them once and turning the pan in the oven.  does that sound like an official recipe?

like i said, they’re really quite good.  ya just don’t get enough with one baking pan (which is probably a good thing.  portion control is not my strong suit.)  the leaves shrink up like spinach does.  you end up with a nice little snack bowlful.  small serving for 1.  not nearly as easy as opening a bag of chips and mowing the whole bag, yet not as fattening and deadly either.

do you think sometime in the future when the world gets a little more serious and educated about food and nutrition new snack bowls will be made with the words nuts, snacks, baby carrots, kale chips?  wouldn’t that be sumpthin’?

never gonna happen.

soup and fries

it’s soup and fries weather.

(that pot is heating up lentil soup.  lentil soup itself does not make for a pretty picture.  that pot, however, is pure beauty.)

and homemade baked red potato fries.  i’m not the best cook in the world, but these fries have darn good flavor.

soup and fries.  i’d go to a cute little dive restaurant that served only soup and fries.  nobody else would go, but i would.  ok, soup and fries and beer.

green’s endeavour – the best gluten-free beer ever.  i love a hearty beer.  mmm-mmm. 

this isn’t a dive restaurant, but how perfect is this?  i’d love soup and fries and beer here. 

(no idea where i swiped this photo from, apologizes.)


new pot



trés retro. 

i gave it a test run.

i made some eggs.

i am chef extraordinaire.

2 poached eggs atop 2 homemade  frozen (but cooked, duh) wheat-free waffles atop a vintage north star plate atop a faded out vintage vera tablecloth. 

i’m my own little adorable breakfast bistro for people who eat bland food.

mixed bag

so, i made some more o’brien potatoes.  they remind me of palm springs and i don’t want palm springs to fade from my memory quite yet.

this sweater is gorgeous.  recently thrifted for $6.  100% wool.

it’s hanging outside for a reason.  i’ve handwashed it, where i let it soak for a good 24 hours.  and it’s been airing outside for DAYS.  still has the “smell.”   might have to give it a vinegar bath.  i’m not sure if it’s better to smell like your grandmother’s closet or smell like you’ve been eating fish & chips. 

and i picked up a new coffee mug.  it’s my new favorite.

fun mod graphics, huh?

o’brien potatoes

i love when i say i’m gonna do something and actually follow through on it.  i cooked up some o’brien potatoes (i ate them every morning in palm springs.)  and they actually tasted good.  

throw a couple poached eggs on top with a side of cranberry juice and i’m all healthed up for a grueling day of nothing.

they tasted even better the following morning.  i am a master chef. 

i should take a photography class with all the free time i have.  my pictures are really cruddy lately.

so far…

…i don’t know what to make of 2010.  have not done anything much in the way of excitement.  just dealing with the never-ending snowstorms and freezy-cold temps like everyone else in the northern hemisphere, it seems. 

i think i found this vintage snowflake glass sometime last year after winter was long over.  and winter wasn’t long over ’til just about august, was it?   seems a little more apropos now in light of the recent weather, although i must confess, i have not felt much like drinking a cold beverage in recent months.  i’ve held steadfast to the red wine and hot cider.  (oops, forgot about that apple mint punch.)


i might need some tasty tequila this evening however, as a mandatory meeting for my department at work has been scheduled for all staff members.  i hardly think this signals good news given the bleak business we’ve had of late.  i’m convinced it means one thing:  layoff.  stay tuned.

and to make matters worse, see this cute little pedestal cake stand of muffins?  they’ve found a home right in the garbage after this photo was shot.  more allergy-free treats that taste AWFUL.  somebody has messed with the formula in that company because they leave an aftertaste that is downright vile.    i absolutely do not recall this foul foul taste when making these prior.  in fact, i was overjoyed at how good they tasted.  and this time i made sure to smell everything, the bowls, the muffin tin, the oil, the eggs, the mix, the mixing spoon, everything before mixing it all together.  and then the exact same thing happened as with the brownies.  the batter didn’t taste right.  that’s two times in a row.  there goes the occasional baked good sweet treat right down the drain.

xmas eve

i thought i would treat myself and bake some delicious allergy-free brownies this morning before heading into work.  a little something sweet to look forward to after my christmas eve shift was over. 

now i’ve made these things several times before.  and they’re always good.  but today when i licked the spoon after emptying the batter into the pan, i was all, “uh-oh, that don’t taste right.”  but i baked them anyway.  and i checked the package to make sure the expiration date hadn’t expired.  it hadn’t.  and i re-read the directions to make sure i hadn’t misread something.  i hadn’t.  i think i just got myself a faulty batch of mix. 

they’re the most inedible things i’ve ever made.  they’re just awful.  drat.  the christmas brownies are garbage.      

thank goodness i have a bottle of prosecco chilling in the fridge for me as we speak.  not exactly a tasty brownie, but it’ll do for this year. 

happy christmas eve!

more fancy cooking

today’s dip of the day:  white bean dip

another sunday off work (!) (yikes, i HAVE to find employment somewhere soon – i’ll put it on my to-do list for 2010 – who me?  procrastinate?) and i opted to stay home and craft, and then whip up a tasty party for 1.now – i followed this recipe from real simple.  but don’t REALLY follow it, because someone in their editing department didn’t catch the fact they’ve listed the first 3 ingredients twice (parsley, olive oil, lemon juice.)  i’m so slick though.   i managed to catch on.  (btw, i halved the recipe.)

also – i didn’t put the parsley in the blender.  the first time i made this i did blend everything together and the dip turns green (which makes it lovely for the christmas holiday, i suppose.  or st. patrick’s day.)  i opted to just fold the parsley in after everything was blended smoothly.

a nice little dip with some rice crackers and teeny tiny glasses of pinot noir.  it’s like you’re hardly drinking at all.

are you getting sick of my holiday pinecone decor?

i threw on a holiday tablecloth to shake things up a little bit.  you’re welcome.

more fruits and veggies

turns out those sidecars are delicious. 

made some simple simple artichoke dip last night (nothing fancy since i’m allergic to almost everything food-related – wheat, dairy, corn, avocados.)  ok, not everything, but it seems like that sometimes.  i can eat stuff other people seem to be allergic to, like eggs and seafood and soy.  so life ain’t all that bad. 

anyway, the simple artichoke dip recipe is just a can of artichokes, 1/2 fresh squeezed lemon, and a couple tablespoons of olive oil whipped up in a blender and baked at 350° for a half hour.  nothing fancy.  no cheese, no mayo, no guilt.  good pure artichoke flavor. 


since i had a lonely half lemon left over from the dip, made another sidecar.   the official recipe is:

3/4 oz lemon juice

3/4 oz triple sec

1 1/2 oz cognac

(me, i just “glug glug” out of the bottle, no measuring.  couple glugs of triple sec, few glugs of cognac.)  shake ingredients together and strain into a chilled cocktail glass with the rim lined in lemon and dipped in sugar.

that is your healthy serving of fruit for the day.


the healthy serving of vegetables come from the artichoke dip and the veggie chips with which to dip.


where i veer off the health chart is eating the entire thing by myself.

that there bowl of chips got filled up more than once.  and so did the little itty bitty teeny tiny vintage scottie glass.  oops.

fries in a bowl


who drinks sidecars anymore? 

apparently i do.  when it’s a sunday and the liquor stores are closed and you’re outta all the staple boozes in your liquor cabinet, well then, you get creative.  1/2 fresh squeezed lemon, triple sec and brandy, served up w/a sugar rim. with a side order of sweet potato fries (and a regular potato thrown in the mix for good measure.)


 really.  i should have my own cooking show.  and drinking show.

fruits and vegetables, people.  a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables.