wedding card

ok, so who’s with me? 

who else doesn’t like the traditional store-bought wedding card?

i’ve got a wedding to attend and the couple is COOL.  with cool friends.  they’re new yorkers, for cryin’ out loud.  ya can’t just show up with the CVS “good luck on your journey” card now, can you?

no, you can’t.

i saw this clothespin

very very very very very very very cute.

and simple.

i like simple.

so i painted one.

and attached it to some neon card stock.

along with my sincere wishes for a long, happy marriage inside. 


hung and fresh. 

how i like my grooms laundry.

clothespin humor. 

life’s a bleach and then you dry.

hallmark….call me….

more roundness

given the choice between working and not working, work vs. unemployment, i fall on the side of preferring unemployment.  i just had more fun.

man, i’ve been busy at work. and not a fun busy.  a stressed out busy.   i’m tired, i’m sore, i’m cranky, i’m no fun. 

complain complain complain.  i work with a bunch of complainers.  complainers will suck you dry.  so i try my best not to complain while i’m at work.  i save my complaining for you lucky people.    

so enough of that. 

i managed to complete another round pillow on my day off.  i finished the pillowtop itself months ago, yet didn’t have the proper fabric to back it.   a quick trip to a thrift store a couple weeks ago netted me a vintage fabric remnant that would work so i had no excuses.  i had to finish it. 


i’m not even sure this is my style anymore.   good lord, i’m fickle. 

these colors are more springy and rumor has it spring is around the corner. 

not only are my style tastes fickle, the weather has been fickle.  when the weather folks call for a half foot of snow, we get ZERO.  when they call for a wintry mix with mostly rain, we get 5″ of snow.  the weather dudes are having an off season, i tell ya. 

and i guess if i’m talking round, i’ll throw in this 70s pop art takahashi tray thrifted a couple weeks ago. 

so, the academy awards are tomorrow night and i’ve seen a fair amount of the contenders and i’m just not excited.  all i know is bridesmaids better win for something.  it was seriously the most fun i had at the theater this year and there may have been one scene in particular i related to that had me spitting laughing.  and also because of jill clayburgh.  i was always a jill clayburgh fan and i think this was her last film role and when i went to see the movie i wasn’t aware she was cast in it.  it was a good surprise. 

i expect to be konked out solid by the time the oscars air.   too much massage too many days in a row is like a 1-2 body punch for me these days.  TKO.  i am down for the count.


i grew up in the 70s and not once, never, did i tie a macrame knot.  like, never. 

macrame was not part of my world.   

so, i’m sure you all saw the incredible macrame wall hangings by sally england making their rounds on the internet. 

via sally england


i was inspired. 

surely i could teach myself how to macrame. 

so over the summer i picked up a vintage macrame book at the flea. 

and i looked it over a little.  and i put the book down and forgot about it.  but then i’d pick the book back up, see what i needed for materials, think about it some more, and forget about it again.

recently i was poking around the ol’ internet and came across a simple project as a nice jumping off point into the world of macrame. 

and i’m proud to show you my first EVER macrame project. 

the precision.

the detail.

i’m practically THERE  on making it into the wall hanging hall of fame.


(wreath origami instructions from here)

ya know how those researchers and scientists and brain guys say to do stuff with your opposite hand to create new brain patterns to keep your brain firing on all cylinders?  or do crossword puzzles?  or take a new route to the thrift store?  so you can be sharp as a tack when you’re old? and still maintain interesting conversations with yourself ?  cuz that’s my worry (well, one of my worries.)  i want my brain.  i’m convinced origami fits into this category.   i think origami folders must be friggin’ geniuses til the day they die.

origami makes you THINK.  and concentrate.

all i know is i’m going into 2012 on top of the brain game.  i’ve been folding little square pieces of paper in my sleep for gawd’s sake.


i folded all those christmas origamis you can find online everywhere.  and i stuck with the simple ones cuz they didn’t hurt my mind as much cuz they’re more modern.

so for those of you who didn’t receive a real-live card from me, here’s a sample:

merry crease-mas.

fold lang syne.

i know.

accordion fold

i’ve been folding a lot of paper this holiday season.  more on that later.

as far as xmas decor goes, i’m kinda wimping out this year big time.

i wasn’t going to really even decorate at all, but decided i needed some twinkly lights somewhere and figured i’d throw a strand around one of my mini quilts.

found an unused box of white twinkly lights with white wire buried in the xmas junk at goodwill.  perfect.

tacked everything to the wall with some washi tape from lotta jansdotter (btw, made that accordion flower out of lotta’s pamphlet that came with my order.)  who is saving the earth by reducing, reusing, recycling?  i am.

and that’s about it from me on the ol’ holiday decor.


glittah + glue =




i wear one of these pins every time i go out.


i wear one to take out the garbage.


an orange heart.

and an orange star.

and monkeys.

if orange and monkeys don’t scream december, i don’t know what does.

hello december.


have you been wondering what ever happened to that felt skier i appliqued onto some grey wool fabric?


yah, i kinda forgot about him, too.

since “round” seems to be my theme for fall 2011, i made him into a round pillow.

with a little blanket stitching around the edge.

so, let’s look at the timeline on that project.  i started making it when i had my old job.  probably 2 years ago.  yes, 2 years ago exactly i’d say.  how do you crafters out there make a living at this?

and with the scrap pieces of wool fabric i made another candle ornament.

actually, if i put a loop on the skier pillow, it could be a gigantic xmas ornament.  i could put it on the tree at rockefeller center.

more neon

while thanksgiving was a scheduled work day for me, turns out i didn’t have to go in.  so armed with my box of wine and craft paints i got down to business cranking out some christmas ornaments.

this is another example of how things you envision in your head don’t quite work out in the execution phase.

this was supposed to be round.  oops.

non-round heart ornament fail

this candle ornament is the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen.


no, wait, this is.

failed candy cane

what the?

these (2) stars are the only thing i salvaged from my thanksgiving day adventures in crafting.  neon ombre stars.  and that was after a nice long walk to clear my head and regroup.

oh, and i finished up another house ornament that got lost in the craft hell mix.

(managed to find (6) heller plates in PINK! on thanksgiving eve.  like i’ve mentioned, this whole area is dried up of good loot, but boom, there they were.)

anyway – some days crafting beats me down, chews me up and spits me out, man.

neon candles

so, this has happened to me a few times lately.

i’ll put the teapot on the stove to boil some water for tea or my daily cup or 2 of hot water.

and i’ll forget about it.

and i’ll boil the kettle dry.

more times than i’d like to admit, actually.

i’m a 5 alarm fire waiting to happen.

this living alone with access to a stove is a life lived on the edge.  all kinds of dangerous.

i fully comprehend the genius behind the whistling tea kettle now.  alas, my ol’ cathrineholm ain’t a whistler.

how i’ll know i’ve forgotten about the tea kettle is i’ll actually hear the snap of enamel being chipped off the kettle itself.  oh, it’s bummed me out.  my cathrineholm was a $5 beauty and now she’s a little rough around the edges.  character, one could say.

i suppose microwaving water is the easy answer here, but where’s the romance in microwaving water?

one could argue where’s the romance in a house burned to the ground.

believe me when i tell you, this thing was black.  i had to give it an overnight soaking with a baking soda paste and it still won’t come completely clean.

i’ve got a backup copco tea kettle in case i ever melt the cathrineholm completely.

regardless – it has inspired my latest round of xmas ornaments.

the fire element.

neon candles.

made with fabric paint.

can you imagine living in the days of yore when real candles were used on xmas trees?

i’d have been one crispy biscuit.