honestly, i will find any distraction not to pack.

i was flipping through an 80s decorating book and it fascinates me how decor trends ebb and flow and re-become popular. 

there are so many photos where most decor choices are spot on for today.

from the 1981 better homes and gardens new decorating book:

i’d take everything in the photo below.  the painted brick wall, the fireplace, the hans wegner peacock windsor chairs, the coffee table.

the michelob.

the sofa.  the pillows.  heck, i’d take a red duck.

kilim pillows, the rug, the cacti, that groovy red reading lamp.

blue safari chair.

blue eating area.

ok, that’s a whole lotta blue but i still kinda love it.

another crazy dining area i could live with today.

big artwork and some macrame plant holders and some crazy pillow action.

more macrame.  this time on a window. 

i could crank one of these babies out in a weekend with my mad macrame skills.

wood walls, danish rya rug and canvas sling chair.

danish kitchen with hans agne jakobsson lamp similar to mine (ish).

an over-the-top too theme-y southwestern room, but i like some of the elements, like the bookshelves and chairs and rustic box coffee table.

oh and hey now, ben shahn poster.

the poster is the ONLY thing i like in this room.  i hope the “stuffed red chair plushie hanging from the ceiling” look never makes a comeback.

ok, back to packing.

p.s. the sound of packing tape coming off the roll is annoying.

new year

new calendar.

ugh.  the dreaded monday birthday this year. 

but it’s a summer birthday.   so just give me a jelly jar with a scoop or two of blood orange sorbet topped with some prosecco on a sweltering hot july monday birthday and *poof* who cares if it’s a monday.


= scrumptious.

from lotta jansdotter.


the santa stars were aligned.

yes they were.


a year ago i mentioned i’d been on the hunt for a safari chair.

and i know the chance of finding one in a thrift store is not good.

especially around here.

but i’ll be darned.

walked into a thrift store i rarely visit and there it was.

don’t get excited.

it’s not leather.

but dag, it’s safari-ish or campaign-ish or sling-ish or whatever it’s called.

it’s canvas and the canvas is pretty darn dirty.

i’ll have to get my scrubbing gloves on.

it has a scandinavian feel, wouldn’t ya say?

to find this chair in a thrift store is a xmas miracle to me.

i was out in the back parking lot putting this thing in my car when an older employee came out and said, “ya know, that’s a fine looking chair.  it’s been in our store for a couple of months.  they told me to throw it in the garbage.  i’m glad someone bought it.”

i’m not sure if that made me happy or sad.  i would’ve loved to find this in the garbage, but then again, i didn’t pay much, it doesn’t have garbage residue on it (i.e. squirrel pee), and i wasn’t reduced to dumpster diving.

this pre-christmas week was very, very kind to me.  found a few other things but haven’t taken any pics yet.

could it be i’ve finally found everything i’ve wanted to thrift in my life?

could be.  but i doubt it.


have you been wondering what ever happened to that felt skier i appliqued onto some grey wool fabric?


yah, i kinda forgot about him, too.

since “round” seems to be my theme for fall 2011, i made him into a round pillow.

with a little blanket stitching around the edge.

so, let’s look at the timeline on that project.  i started making it when i had my old job.  probably 2 years ago.  yes, 2 years ago exactly i’d say.  how do you crafters out there make a living at this?

and with the scrap pieces of wool fabric i made another candle ornament.

actually, if i put a loop on the skier pillow, it could be a gigantic xmas ornament.  i could put it on the tree at rockefeller center.


this is the other plain ol’ brown footstool i’ved owned and used for years.

i changed it up a bit.

couldn’t decide whether or not to paint the legs.

i gave one leg a coat of white.

i didn’t love it.

i sanded the brown paint from the other legs.

i decided i liked the raw sanded wood.

(or was i just being lazy?)

stapled on some purdy vintage fabric, added a little more padding and now i have another girly footstool with nekkid legs.


ya know how i’ve been in pillow-mode?  i decided i would try and advance my sewing skills and teach myself how to install a zipper in a pillow cover.  i looked at several tutorials, several videos and after feeling pretty confident installing a zipper was a piece of cake, i went for it.

it took me quite some time to figure out how to attach the dang zipper foot.  but i conquered that.

but then.


pillow-mode was abruptly halted when i ended up with a couple broken sewing needles.  no-one in those tutorial videos broke their needles.  they left that part out.  or maybe i’m doing something wrong.

so after a trip to joann fabrics to buy some replacement needles, i decided to go back to what i know.

straight lines.  no zippers.  (but a few staples.)

i jumped out of pillow-mode and into footstool-mode.

but not fancy footstool-mode with piping around the edges or anything.  to apply piping or cording or whatever it’s called, i think you need to know how to use your zipper foot.

and apparently i don’t.

so i’ve done plain ol’ recovering of a vintage footstool i found over a year ago and never got around to recovering.  imagine that.

this was one of those beat-up items at goodwill.  they wanted $4 for it and it was torn and taped and sad.  and it sat there and it sat there and it sat there.  when it finally went to half-off, i figured i’d rescue the poor thing for $2.

nice size.   ok-looking from a distance.

as i’ve mentioned lately, i’ve been digging through old vintage fabric scraps and i patched together a few of them to create this beauty.   i’m kinda loving the vintage hunter dogs.  what are they called?  bird dogs?  pointers?  what the hell are they called?  i think my aunt and uncle used to own these when i was a young’un.  or did they just own paintings of these dogs?  or was it my family who owned a painting of these dogs?  my mind these days, i tell ya.  used to be sharp as a tack.  now.  now it seems i don’t remember anything quite correctly.

let’s just say there’s some kind of family history with these dogs that i don’t know the name of.  could be a live, breathing thing, could be a painting.

i thought about painting the legs white for a brief second.  and then that thought left.  it’s too hot.  i won’t rule it out in the future, but for now, natural wood legs.

anyway, fuck zippers.


have you guys been noticing all the cool spindle back chairs allasudden?

seems all the cool homes have cool spindle back chairs.

via canadian house and home

via sköna hem

via remodelista

via desire to inspire

via desire to inspire

well, count me in as a cool spindle back chair owner.  (plus i already have that other mobler chair.)

i just need the cool house to put it in now.  that’s all.

spindle back rope chair.

no price on it at the thrift store.

when i asked to get a price, the guy said, “$20.”  i was all, “$20????  for this little chair????”

“ok then, $10.”

i said, “ok, ten.”

(and i NEVER barter.)

there were no markings and it was oak rather than teak, but it definitely had a danish “feel.”

turns out it’s a jørgen bækmark, designed in 1959 for mobler.

for $10!

and then i made a pillow for it.

because i am in pillow-mode.

vintage gulls.

but i only had a small scrap of this fabric, so she’s a tiny pillow, 13″.  scale looks odd with this chair.  i’ll have to make a different, slightly bigger pillow.

no problemo since i’m in PILLOW-MODE!

anyway, i love my chair.

haven’t seen any of these little enamel ladles in quite some time, but happened upon a little red one in good condition for a quarter so i bought it, too.

red, white, blue and cheap.  my kinda patriotic late july day.